OSM Thome offers professional partnership and tailor-made cruise crew management services for the passenger vessel industry worldwide. OSM Thome delivers and manages qualified and trained crew for all departments onboard our growing fleet of Cruise ships, Expedition vessels, Ferries and Yachts. Our company’s cruise crew management services include the following:

1. Cruise Crew Management’s challenge: Recruitment

  • We maintain a large database of cruise crew from which source, interview, select and employ crew
  • We handle crew movements, rotations and scheduling, as well as
  • All travel arrangements are handled by our team of specialists

2. Compliance-related Services

  • There is a designated person ashore responsible for the management of your cruise ship crew (PIC – “Person In Charge”)
  • We offer onboard familiarization training
  • OSM Thome offers standard and optional crew training and induction programs
  • Focus on quality, safety, health and the environment
  • Medical solutions through our Nordic Medical Clinic (Pre-Employment Medicals, Psychometric Testing, Telemedicine)
  • Crew Insurance and Pension Fund are available as optional services
  • OSM Thome offers the “Catering Training Academy” and the “Maritime Leaders Academy” which offer crew training based on the customers’ needs for Hospitality, Deck, and Engine Room crew. We can facilitate any training program in-house or third-party

3. Finance-related Services for your Cruise Crew

We can optionally provide your cruise ships with provisions and catering management


OSM Thome offers career opportunities for Deck & Engine crew as well as Hospitality personnel within our expanding global fleet of Cruise ships, Ferries and Yachts. OSM Thome’s large pool of individually assessed and certified international crew provides a competent and well-trained force for your Deck, Engine, Culinary, F&B service, Front Desk, and Housekeeping departments as well as for recreational service needs. Furthermore, we take pride in referring seasoned and passionate hospitality management professionals and master chefs to bring your hospitality service on board to the next level. For Cruise crew management, as well as for ferries and yachts, trust OSM Thome!


OSM Thome manages a maritime hospitality catering training academy called OSM Thome Catering Academy. The training academy with its state-of-the-art facilities and its international team of experienced F&B and Chef faculty is educating and mentoring select graduates to become competent Hospitality and Catering professionals fit for today’s Cruise industry needs.

In line with OSM Thome’s mission “to contribute to our customer’s success”, we address today’s market demands and are flexible to accommodate each customer’s specific training needs by adjusting our courses accordingly. Furthermore, for experienced catering crew, our programs consist of modular training course components which offer opportunities the opportunity to enhance their competencies and qualifications for individual career advancement and growth.


OSM Thome offers career opportunities for Cruise and passenger vessels’ crew, as well as Hospitality personnel within our expanding global fleet of Cruise ships, Ferries and Yachts. Are you interested in joining our OSM Thome family? Register your profile with us and we will notify you with an email when we have new vacancies matching your skills and experience! If you would like to view our cruise vacancies (as well as for ferries and yachts) click below: