Corona Virus Outbreak

The health and wellbeing of our seafarers is our utmost concern. Since the outbreak of the ‘Wuhan’ novel coronavirus, our response team, which includes medical experts, has been monitoring the developments closely and continue to further enhance our guidelines and procedures.

 In close collaboration with our customers and partners, we are taking active measures to reduce the risk for our people. These include suspension of travel and crew changes in high risk areas, avoidance of procurement of provisions, monitoring of the health of the crew on board, conditional access control to the vessels and ship specific contingency planning. 

We also emphasise the importance of individual preventive actions including the maintenance of extra personal hygiene at all times. In our shore organizations, any staff member who has recently travelled to or from China is required to remain absent from the office for 14 days after their return.

 Should you feel any symptoms of fever or coughing and could have been exposed to infection, we strongly recommend you seek local medical advice immediately. 

In close collaboration with our Nordic Medical Clinic, a medical helpline has been established where our seafarers and other employees may seek additional support and guidance. Seafarers at home can obtain the number via our various crewing offices whilst it has already been shared with the vessels and via our Intranet for shore employees.

We stress that no-one in our organisation has been diagnosed with this virus or has come forward displaying symptoms. But as an organisation which vows to put health and safety at the very top of our agenda, we remain committed to do whatever we can to ensure all of us are safe and unaffected by this virus.