Connecting to shape the future of shipping

OSM Maritime Group joins largest maritime trade group in the world – Baltic and International Maritime Council (BIMCO)

What began in 1905 as a group of Scandinavian, U.K & European shipowners looking to create a mutually beneficial shipping system – has grown into today’s largest maritime trade group in the world – BIMCO with its headquarters in Copenhagen, has over 2,200-member companies hailing from 120 different countries – representing over half of the global tonnage.

OSM is proud to announce their membership – taking their participation with the utmost respect for the Council – BIMCO’s membership is not given lightly – with a full-time Membership Department screening its applicants on the basis of their finances, management, operating and safety procedures, and environmental record before passing them to the Board of Directors for their approval. Membership confers credibility and even prestige on the recipient.

It is BIMCOs mission to be at the forefront of global developments in shipping, providing expert knowledge and practical advice to safeguard and add value to their members’ businesses – piracy reports and industry outlooks combined with education and eLearning courses, software programs, and emissions and compliance guidelines are all offered to its members – sharing the tools needed to succeed in an increasingly competitive industry to support long term results and sustainability for us all.

Hear from our top leaders below on what they think about OSM’s recent membership announcement with BIMCO:

Why did you want to become a member of BIMCO?

“At OSM, it’s all about people and we see BIMCO as a great opportunity to increase our interaction with many prominent industry stakeholders.  BIMCO’s benchmarking tools give us enhanced opportunities in this respect.  We have also followed the recent modernizations in BIMCO with great interest and we are excited to become part of a leading organization and contribute to shaping the future of shipping.”

#OSM | Bjoern Sprotte | Chief Operating Officer

What is your greatest challenge right now?

“At OSM, we focus on sustainable growth by creating close partnerships with our customers. This depends very much on the people in our teams. We need to look beyond traditional approaches and we are investing to attract, grow and retain talent by creating exciting opportunities. In this respect, we are increasing our visibility beyond classic ship and offshore management. There is an ocean of opportunities in AI, robotics, effective use of data, machine learning and other areas – we adopt these new opportunities in a meaningful way that creates value for our customers. Attracting the right people to become part of this existing journey is key for our business.”

#OSM | Geir Sekkesæter | Chief Executive Officer

How do you see the industry you are in?

“The Shipping industry has always been influenced by regulatory changes like the imminent rules around reduction of emissions and ballast water treatment. We see the pace of change increasing in shorter periods. From a sustainability perspective, we look at these as opportunities rather than challenges by helping our customers find the best solutions for them. Our industry needs to continue focusing on competent and motivated seafarers. After all, they are entrusted a great responsibility for ensuring safe and efficient operations of the vessels and not least our environment.”

#OSM | Tommy Olofsen| Chief Commercial Officer