A message on Covid-19 by Peter Burkal, Managing Director of OSM Crew Management

Dear valued clients, dear valued colleagues, since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic OSM has worked hard and dedicated with all clients to provide the best and safest possible solutions for carrying out safe crew changes and proposing measures to minimize the risks during the whole operation.

Furthermore, we have had dedicated staff monitoring the worldwide as well as country-specific trends in regards to the development of the infection for which we have provided at first weekly and then monthly updates to all stakeholders. Since the beginning of the Covid-19, we have sent more than 250 reports, we have monitored 27 countries on a daily base and have plotted more than 31.500 data with specific indicators for follow up of developments.

Overall OSM has as of today handled more than 2.130 Covid-19 positive cases since the beginning of the pandemic, assisted in a large number of port call vaccinations as well as handled a very large amount of quarantine stays.

The total vaccination level of the OSM crew on board has reached in meantime more than 90 %.

Covid-19 infections are still happening all over the world and need to be taken very seriously. At the same time, we are very pleased to see that the number of new infections among OSM seafarers has dropped to a very low number and the influence on the daily operation of the vessels has also dropped significantly.

At OSM we will continue to monitor the Covid-19 situation carefully but at the same time, we have decided to scale down even the monthly reporting – at least for time being. If the situation changes, tools are in place and we will start again with reporting – achieving a level of communication which fits its purpose.

Thanks to all who have worked hard and contributed to this high level of transparency and support – lowering substantially the risk caused by Covid-19! And special thanks also to the ICMA – the International Christian Maritime Association and in particular to Namma – the North American Maritime Ministry Association who have been extremely helpful in enabling port call vaccinations on the North American Continent.