A Greener Workhorse Pilot Report – Feasibility Study is out!

OSM Thome’s Torbjørn Lie has teamed up with SinOceanic Shipping’s Magne Aunebakk to write about energy optimisation activities to reduce fuel consumption and emission reductions and CII compliance in their recently published work entitled “A Greener Workhorse: Pilot Report – Feasibility Study”. The study was carried out together with Norway’s Green Shipping Programme and in cooperation with around 20 major technology providers and institutions.

Last April 26, 2023, findings were presented by report authors during the digital webinar, “Retrofit of Container Ship to Operate on Green Methanol”.

Will it be technically possible and economically justifiable to convert a now 15-year-old container ship to operate on green methanol? Download the full report here to find out: https://mcusercontent.com/d564beebac517de93781c12bf/files/e597c2fa-354d-bed9-1f5f-ff2148057ad6/A_Greener_Workhorse_2023.pdf

For further information please contact: torbjorn.lie@osmthome.com