82500 DWT Bulk Carrier Hull No. N1155 – Steel Cutting Ceremony at COSCO Yang Zhou Shipyard

OSM Thome is once again avid to announce its participation in its most recent steel cutting ceremony, this time for an 82500 Bulk Carrier, with the Hull No. N1155. The ceremony took place at Cosco Yang Zhou Shipyard.

On the 8th of December 2023 in China, OSM Thome and shipowner ZHEJIANG ZHEYIN FINANCIAL LEASING CO., LTD celebrated the steel cutting ceremony for this magnificent vessel, which its construction is being supervised by the OSM Thome Projects & Newbuilding supervision department. This is the 45th Bulk Carrier vessel whose construction has been supervised by OSM Thome and Douglas Dalli’s team in the last ten years.

The steel-cutting ceremony is traditionally the first event in the shipyard production process. A series of two vessels are being built at Cosco Yang Zhou Shipyard in China, and this vessel is expected to be delivered in January 2025.

OSM Thome wants to thank its partners for their trust and commits itself to continue to provide great service to current and future clients in the New Building Supervision sector. Feel free to enquire about the supervision of the construction of your vessels by filling out this contact form.