4th Edition of OSM Thome News


Message From Finn Amund Norbye

Dear Maritime Colleagues,

Welcome to our second quarter edition of the OSM Thome newsletter. The main theme of this issue is “Safety Tips at Sea”, which we have adopted from this year’s International Day of the Seafarer. Therefore, you will find a lot of articles that highlight the importance of safety in the workplace, especially for our seafarers who sometimes work in very challenging environments. We need our leaders to be proactive and inclusive with regard to creating a culture of continuous improvement concerning safety. This includes training techniques and programs designed to ensure our company is fully up to date with the latest safety information.

Not only is training important but we also value the physical and mental well-being of our seafarers. There is advice on how seafarers can maintain and even improve their health while at sea, which is not always easy given the often difficult working conditions, especially during rough seas.

We also hear from our seafarers on what International Day of the Seafarer means to them through gathering thoughts from our crews from around the world and exploring the realities of life at sea. Taking stock is also very important and we reflect on how far OSM Thome has come one year on from the merger by highlighting the milestones and synergies we have achieved and look forward to our future endeavors.

As a company, we want to expand our operations from not just being known as one of the leading ship management companies but also promote our other services whichrange from catering, maritime, insurance claims handling to procurement. On a lighter note, we are thrilled to showcase the incredible talents of our seafarers and office staff.This edition features a delightful collection of photographs capturing their musical performances, artistic skills, and unique hobbies. These creative expressions remind us of the vibrant and diverse community we are privileged to be a part of, and they bring a sense of joy and connection to our daily routines.

I know we all lead busy lives, but I encourage you to take the time to read this issue. It promises enlightenment, entertainment, and a touch of nostalgia. As you explore these pages, may you feel a renewed sense of pride in our shared journey and the remarkable individuals who make up the OSM Thome family. Let their stories inspire you, their talents amaze you, and their dedication remind you of the spirit of togetherness that defines our organization.

Celebrating International Seafarers Day: The PIllar of Safety in Maritime Operations

By: Luka Amizic, Managing Director – Recruitment, Manning & Training

On International Seafarers Day, we honour those who navigate the world’s oceans, ensuring the smooth flow of global trade. This year, our celebration underscores an essential facet of maritime life: safety. Safety is not merely a protocol or checklist item but the foundation of our operations.

The maritime industry is fraught with constant risks, from unpredictable weather to mechanical failures and the ever-present possibility of human error. Recognising these hazards, the industry places a paramount focus on safety, fostering a culture where vigilance and preparedness are second nature. This commitment to safety is not just about adhering to regulations but about cultivating a mindset that prioritises the well-being of every crew member.

Regular drills and simulations are crucial. These exercises ensure that every seafarer is well-versed in emergency procedures, reducing panic and confusion in crisis situations. A practical example from my seagoing career was a fire onboard a large gas tanker, where a bigger tragedy was avoided only because the crew was well-trained. Wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) at all time is another fundamental practice. PPE, ranging from helmets and gloves to life jackets, can make the difference between a close call and a tragic accident. Some 30 years ago, when I started my deep-sea career, PPE was a luxury – today, it is mandatory. Just use it! Use it wisely!

Another high point, speaking from experience, is the importance of constant communication. Clear and concise communication can prevent misunderstandings that lead to accidents.

These practices and insights contribute to a robust safety culture, where every seafarer is proactive about their safety and the safety of their colleagues. The collective commitment to safety ensures that seafarers return home to their families after each voyage.

As we celebrate International Seafarers Day, let us reaffirm our dedication to safety. Here’s to the seafarers who sail with courage and caution, ensuring that safety remains the heart of their journey.

Because, in OSM Thome, we CARE. It’s all about the PEOPLE.

Navigating the Seas with Safety, Leadership, and Loyalty

By Capt. Damjanovic Bosko, Master, M/T Starling

In the vast realm of the maritime world, where each wave tells a story and every journey is laced with challenges, there’s a core set of principles that steer us through: safety, leadership, and loyalty. Let us delve into what these principles mean in the heart of the maritime industry.

Safety: Our Top Priority

Safety is our guiding star, ensuring our crew’s well-being and environmental protection. We conduct regular safety drills, maintain our equipment meticulously, and stay updated with the latest regulations. “Our top priority is safety,” shared by Capt. Bosko. “We hold regular meetings and drills to stay vigilant and prepared.”

Leadership: Navigating with Clarity

Leadership keeps us steady through choppy waters. It’s about clear communication, making tough decisions, and supporting your team. “Being a leader means facing challenges head-on and leading by example,” reflects Capt. Bosko. “I strive to create an environment where everyone feels valued and supported.”

Loyalty: The Glue that Binds Us

Loyalty binds us in tough times, ensuring we support each other and work towards common goals. Whether celebrating a successful voyage or navigating a storm, our loyalty fosters unity and strength. “Trust and camaraderie with my crew are key. Having familiar faces onboard makes every voyage feel like a reunion, and that sense of unity makes us stronger as a team” shares Capt. Bosko, reflecting on his journey and enduring team bonds.

Career progression: Cadet to Master

Starting a career means seizing opportunities and growing through challenges. “My journey from cadet to Captain has been a rollercoaster,” says Capt. Bosko. “Facing challenges at sea and in ship operations, I embraced every chance to learn and advance. Loyalty to one company brought stability and a strong sense of belonging.”

Charting a Sustainable Course for the Future

As the maritime industry progresses towards a sustainable future, the principles of safety, leadership, and loyalty remain our compass. Committed to excellence and collaboration, we’re navigating towards a brighter tomorrow, one voyage at a time.

“Being onboard the methanol-powered vessel was groundbreaking,” says Capt. Bosko. “We contributed to a greener future, facing unique challenges and benefits. Reducing emissions and embracing new technology, it’s an exciting journey towards sustainability.”

Every decision hold significance, every precaution is vital.

“In the ever-changing maritime world, sustainability and innovation hold great promise,” says Capt. Bosko. By upholding our core values and working together, we can navigate toward a safer, more environmentally friendly future. Every voyage is an adventure, and with safety, leadership, and loyalty as our compass, we embrace the challenges and possibilities ahead.

Innovating Safety: Advanced Training Techniques Transforming Maritime Education

By: Luka Amizic, Managing Director – Recruitment, Manning & Training

Maritime education plays a pivotal role in equipping seafarers with the skills and knowledge needed to navigate the challenges of the maritime industry safely. With advancements in technology and teaching methods, there’s a growing emphasis on innovative training techniques revolutionizing maritime education and ensuring the safety of crew and vessels alike.

Training Techniques and Programs:

The foundation to maritime education is the training programs designed to prepare seafarers for the rigors of life at sea. Traditionally, these programs have relied on classroom-based instruction supplemented by practical exercises conducted onboard ships or in specialized training facilities. However, with the advent of new technologies, training methodologies are undergoing a transformation.

One of the most notable innovations in maritime education is the integration of virtual reality (VR) simulations into training programs. These simulations offer a realistic and immersive learning experience, allowing trainees to practice critical skills in a controlled environment. From navigating hazardous weather conditions, cargo handling, to responding to emergencies, VR simulations provide a safe yet effective way to hone essential maritime skills.

In additon, remote learning tools have emerged as an asset in maritime education, especially in light of the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Online platforms and e-learning modules enable seafarers to access training materials from anywhere in the world, eliminating the need for physical attendance at training centers. This flexibility not only ensures continuity in education but also accommodates the busy schedules of maritime professionals.

On the flip side, gamification has emerged as a novel approach to engage and motivate trainees. By incorporating elements of competition and reward into training programs, gamification makes learning more enjoyable and interactive. From maritime safety quizzes to simulated rescue missions, gamified training modules encourage active participation and knowledge retention.

To conclude, advanced training techniques are revolutionizing maritime education and enhancing safety standards in the maritime industry. From VR simulations to remote learning tools and gamification, these innovations empower seafarers with the skills and knowledge needed to navigate the challenges of the sea with confidence and competence. As technology continues to evolve, the future of maritime education holds promise for even more groundbreaking advancements in safety training.

Ensuring Seafarer Wellbeing: Building a Sustainable and Healthy Maritime Workforce

By Dr. Monique Mendoza, Manager, Telemedicine & Health Education, Nordic Medical Clinic Cebu

Seafarers remain one of the most steadfast groups in the workforce. Despite facing numerous challenges, they show incredible dedication, serving as the backbone of global trade. They endure long working hours, exposure to harsh weather, limited access to immediate medical care, periods of isolation, and months away from their families, often missing important milestones. Many seafarers persist through these hardships with grace and resilience. However, even the unsinkable of ships can end at the bottom of the ocean – while resilience and internal motivation of seafarers play a crucial role in keeping them afloat, research shows that it is the lifestyle design that sustains success or failure in the long term.

Using the concept of Choice Architecture, stakeholders can improve the health of seafarers by shaping the choices they make about their well-being. Here are some best practices we’ve seen for Crew Wellness:

Onshore Initiatives:

  1. Enhance PEME: Provide fast, efficient, and holistic pre-employment medical exams. At Nordic Medical Clinic, seafarers are educated about their health, empowering them to participate in their well-being.
  2. Involve Families: Include seafarers’ family members in activities and seminars, creating a supportive network that boosts mental health.
  3. Optimize Travel: Plan crew travel to reduce layovers and ensure rest, preventing fatigue before duties onboard.
  4. Train Cooks: Continuously train cooks ashore to prepare healthy and delicious meals for a diverse crew.

Onboard Initiatives:

  1. Vessel Visits: Visit seafarers to understand their environment and provide relevant health education.
  2. 24/7 Medical Access: Ensure continuous access to medical and psychological professionals to bridge healthcare gaps.
  3. Ship Design and Procedures: Incorporate psychological safety into talks, and provide facilities for rest, recreation, and communication to boost morale and performance.
  4. Healthy Food: Allocate budgets for a variety of healthy food options onboard.

At the end of the day, in this vast and dynamic world of maritime operations, it is essential to remember that at the heart of it all are the seafarers who make it possible. It’s all about the people. Investing in our seafarers’ health now is investing in a future of safe, sustainable, and humane shipping industry.

Echoes from the Ocean: On Moments of Pride, Navigation, and Hopeful Vision on the Future of Maritime

By: OSM Thome Editorial

We typically call them seafarers or crew, but we seldom have the chance to learn about their sentiments and vision about their seafaring careers and the maritime industry firsthand. In this feature, we dig deeper and let OSM Thome Seafarers get candid about life at sea, the significance of celebrating the Day of the Seafarers (DotS) to their careers, and the hopes they hold for the future of the maritime industry.

Significance of commemorating the Day of the Seafarer

Twenty-six-year-old 2nd Mate Dynamic Positioning Operator Rio Ann Evangelista says that DotS is a reminder of how greatly seafarers contribute to international commerce and the global economy. “It’s heartwarming to see how international organizations prioritize acknowledging the risks and challenges seafarers face while working at sea,” she added.

For Engine Cadet Mayank Chauhan, the celebration holds a special place in his heart and reminds him of the legacy at sea he is creating as well as the endless possibilities for all the seafarers that lie ahead on the horizon. “DotS signifies more than just a celebration – it is a moment to reflect on the sacrifices made and the challenges overcome while navigating the vast oceans. It’s a day to honor the resilience and hard work of seafarers worldwide, who play a crucial role in keeping global trade afloat,” said the twenty-four-year-old seafarer.


Taking immense pride in life at sea

Rio Ann affirms that safe navigation reflects a seafarer’s strong pledge to safety. Her typical day at sea includes knowing upcoming plans or movements of the vessel, weather, and ensuring the vessel’s stability and connection via gangway to another vessel’s platform. “I take pride in my role as custodians of maritime safety, diligently following international regulations, adhering to best practices, and continuously striving to improve my skills and knowledge,” she said.

Just like in any other workplace, the rise of challenges on board is inevitable, too. The momentary loss of means of communication with family and friends is one of these challenges that Rio Ann pointed out but despite this, she and the crew handled the situation well by gathering and doing extracurricular activities with fellow crew members helped a lot in coping with the situation.

Mayank recollects the time of COVID-19, when seafarers, including himself, kept the global chain of supply and demand working and ships running despite the global lockdown. Being part of this gave him a sense of pride and fueled him to continue serving people across the globe.

While it is true for Mayank and other seafarers that life at sea is dynamic and challenging, they are certainly trained to hurdle any situation that may come their way. He retold the story of their encounter with the upstream southern currents near Cape Town, where they had to steer the ship after the main engine tripped. The crew’s synergy, trust, and composure saved his team – which made him further realize that they could overcome any challenge onboard. “It’s a life of discipline, teamwork, and endless learning, where every day brings new experiences and opportunities for growth,” he added.


Celebrating DotS onboard

Both Rio Ann and Mayank’s crew celebrate this special day with good food, often featuring a diverse selection of dishes to serve different cuisines from around the world. The occasion is made even more festive with decorations of banners and flags. Crew engages in activities like games, sports tournaments, or talent shows, fostering teamwork and unity among the crew. Others also gather for a lively celebration on deck over music, dancing, and laughter under the stars. It is a moment to celebrate the dedication and sacrifices of seafarers across the globe, while also reinforcing good connections that make maritime life so unique.


A seafarer’s vision of the future

Rio Ann hopes that in the coming years, the maritime industry will unfold more movements that are focused on the well-being and empowerment of the people in the industry. “I hope for enhanced training and education opportunities for aspiring seafarers. Investing in the development of seafarers’ skills and knowledge not only benefits them individually but also contributes to the overall safety, efficiency, and sustainability of seafaring operations. Furthermore, I hope for a greater push for diversity and inclusivity within the maritime industry,” she concluded.

The emphasis on sustainability and safety remain as top priorities in Mayank’s list of when asked about the hopes he hold for the future of the maritime industry. “I envision Seafarers’ Day being celebrated worldwide through increased awareness of the importance of seafarers’ contributions and by ensuring their well-being is prioritized in all maritime activities,” he added.

OSM Thome Merger Update

By: Stig Morten, Deputy COO

For the past 16 months, we’ve embarked on a journey following the declaration on January 19, 2023, of OSM’s and Thome’s intention to merge. After completing the competition filing process, we marked our inaugural day as OSM Thome on May 22, 2023. This was the point at which we began the endeavour of integrating the two legacy organizations.

A structure for managing the integration of two substantial global entities became necessary, and we promptly chose Kotter’s 8 Step Change Model to lead us. We cultivated a sense of urgency, driven by the imperative to enhance financial outcomes and maximize the benefits of uniting our entities. In the beginning phases, we dedicated time to understand our methods of operation and established workstreams to facilitate change management throughout the different business and corporate units.

We involved our staff worldwide early on by jointly developing our new Vision, Mission, and Values, sparking considerable energy and constructive input from all employees. Moreover, our new Vision, Mission, and Values have been instrumental in navigating the integration process and have been a predominant focus for all the change management and leadership training that has been disseminated globally.

In the fall of 2023, following thorough planning by the integration workstreams, we successfully implemented our new operating models across our business units, with Technical Management (TM) being the last to transition on February 19th, 2024. This allowed us to complete most of the integration work well before our target date of Q2 2024. The outcomes have exceeded our expectations, both in terms of timeliness and quality, a testament to the hard work and commitment of everyone at OSM Thome.

There have been numerous improvements and achievements resulting from the integration efforts, and though it’s difficult to highlight just a few, the ones listed below stand out as particularly notable for enhancing quality and service delivery while simultaneously creating added value for our customers:

  • Common Governing documents across OSMT – we now are one OSMT J
  • Strong Technical Management (TM) hubs formed in Singapore, Croatia and Norway!
  • Aligned SMS across Singapore and Croatia fleets, retaining SMS for Nordic fleets and Offshore, allowing for improved crew pool utilisation and capturing best practices from legacy organisations.
  • Centralising and strengthening TM support functions, with new investments being made in specialised teams to drive continuous improvement:
  • Marine Quality Assurance (MQA) driving quality and alignment
  • Dry Dock Management
  • Vessel take overs
  • Introducing new technology and AI for TM vessel inspections and maintenance, reducing workload onboard and improving quality of reports to customers.
  • Expanding Nordic Medical Clinic capacity and offerings in Manila
  • Co-locating offices in Singapore and Manila
  • Consolidating a top modern training centre, co-located with NMC in Manila.
  • Increasing Crew Management (CM) recruitment offices and strategic reach through the combined footprint of both the legacy organisations!
  • Establishing Axia as a procurement platform to leverage combined purchasing power and lower OPEX for our customers!
  • Establishing Aegir as a competitive and specialist travel agent to lower travel and logistic costs for our customers!
  • Establishing a green business unit, focused on developing sustainable solutions for our customers whilst at the same time providing support with respect to compliance with new and developing legislation.

This brings us to the final stage of Kotter’s 8-step process, where we must secure the changes implemented and embed them within our new culture and organization. It is only through diligent application and engagement that we will fully realize the advantages of the changes we have introduced, a responsibility that belongs to each one of us.

As we conclude our integration activities in Q2 2024, OSM Thome stands poised for future success and new ventures. Active efforts are already underway to promote further growth and progress for this exceptional company. The insights gained from our integration endeavors carry immense value for upcoming projects.

Launch of the Maritime Leaders Academy: Shaping the Future of Maritime Leadership

By Shamita Burog, Training Administration Officer, Maritime Leaders Academy

April 8 is a day to celebrate the Maritime Leaders Academy’s successful launch in Manila, Philippines. This event was well represented by our customers, global and local leaders from OSM Thome, and supported by our partners in the maritime industry.

This inauguration kicked off an exciting start for a new player in the local training market which aims to revitalize maritime leadership today. Since its inception last 1998 as an in-house training provider for OSM Maritime Group, Maritime Leaders Academy has always been keen on innovating training and creating industry-specific programs.

The importance of providing continuous development for our people is the focus of MLA and is committed to ensuring that we proactively address any competency gaps with our seafarers. This event marks our dedication to offering superior training for seafarers, setting new benchmarks, and fostering excellence in the maritime sector.

The inauguration was led OSM Thome’s Chief Crew Management Officer, Julia Anastasiou; Managing Director of Recruitment, Manning, & Training, Luka Amizic; and Head of Maritime Leaders Academy Philippines, Michelle Makasiar.

“Today we are opening an exciting chapter in our business in the Philippines where we will deliver only excellence. We don’t want to be another Training Center in the region,  we want to be the best. And we know we are going to be the best.  We would like to thank our customers and partners who have joined us today. We are looking forward to working together with you to fulfill your goals and exceed your expectations.” Luka Amizic, Managing Director for Recruitment, Manning & Training

One of the highlights of the event was the training center tour. This tour gave an opportunity to explore and learn more about our training facilities and programs. Highlighting the capabilities of the Learning and Development team and showcasing the Academy’s training simulators was indeed something that was looked forward to by attendees.

“Good afternoon, everyone and welcome to this special day for us, this is the day where we continue improving and expanding our footprints, the day when we all come together and look forward to the future. A future that is bright because we continue to invest in our people. I just want to thank those who worked hard under a very tight schedule. You did an amazing job! What makes this day even more special is we celebrate it today with friends, colleagues, customers, and our seafarers. Thank you all very much for being part of this special day for us. To the future of OSM Thome and Maritime Leaders Academy, cheers!”  Julia Anastasiou, Chief Crew Management Officer

During the tour, the simulators were loaded with various scenarios and conditions that seafarers may encounter onboard such as machinery malfunctions and simulations about navigation, ship handling, and emergency procedures.

In addition, the latest ROV simulator was highlighted during the inauguration. Pilots of Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) supervise the operation of complex robotic equipment in a variety of industries, including scientific exploration, oil and gas, and search and salvage. They oversee data gathering, equipment operation, and maintenance for ROVs.

The Maritime Leaders Academy was also granted accreditation by the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA). IMCA is the organization that provides the competencies and guidelines for ROV Pilot Technician positions in the offshore industry.

MANAGEMENT TAKEOVERS IN Q2: Our Fleet and Expertise

By Joey Koh, Senior Business Development Executive

Maritime powerhouse OSM Thome commenced quarter two of 2024 with noteworthy vessel takeovers, signifying the company’s robust business relationship with existing and new owners.

Demonstrating our excellence in effectively managing and operating a wide array of vessels, this continuous expansion bolsters our standing as a reliable ally in the maritime domain. Our commitment to surpassing client expectations and establishing new standards in the industry remains unwavering as we advance and innovate within the maritime sector. We appreciate your trust and support as we start these vessels’ excellent journeys at sea.

OSM Thome at Posidonia 2024: Fostering Maritime Connections

By Xanthos Neofytou, Head of BD Infrastructure & Marketing

Attending Posidonia 2024 was a remarkable experience for the OSM Thome team. The event was filled with dynamic activities, ranging from an impressive expo to thought-provoking conferences and energetic social gatherings.

Posidonia showcased the latest innovations and developments in the maritime industry, providing a comprehensive overview of current trends and future directions. Our team had the opportunity to explore a wide range of products and services, which sparked insightful discussions and potential collaborations.

The conferences were particularly engaging, featuring a diverse array of speakers who shared their expertise on various topics critical to the maritime sector. Notably, Julia Anastasiou, Chief Crewing Officer, participated in a panel discussion addressing the challenges and opportunities in crew management. Her insights on sustainable crewing practices and the future of maritime labor were well-received and sparked meaningful conversations among attendees. Additionally, Julia sat down for an exclusive interview with TradeWinds for Posidonia TV to discuss OSM Thome’s stance on crew diversity.

Dr. Didoy Lubaton from Nordic Medical Clinic contributed significantly to the event by participating in the Seafarers’ Mental Health and Wellbeing Seminar arranged by Learning Seaman. He talked about the most pressing topics concerning seafarers’ mental and physical well-being and lifestyles on board. Dr. Lubaton was also interviewed by SAFETY4SEA, where he discussed crew welfare and seafarers’ health concerns, highlighting NMC’s efforts to encourage healthy lifestyle habits among crew members and identifying health trends.

We were honored to have the Shipping Deputy Minister to the President of the Republic of Cyprus, Marina Hadjimanolis, visit our booth. Her presence was a testament to the strong relationships we are building within the industry.

Social events, including lively parties, provided a relaxed atmosphere for networking. These gatherings allowed us to strengthen relationships with existing partners and establish connections with new contacts. We extend our gratitude to everyone who visited our booth, as well as to those who welcomed us to theirs and hosted us at various events.

OSM Thome was also a proud sponsor of the TradeWinds Shipowners Forum Athens 2024. This sponsorship further underscores our commitment to supporting key industry events and fostering meaningful dialogue on important maritime issues.

Posidonia 2024 was an excellent platform for reconnecting with many friends and engaging with our valued OSM Thome partners. The interactions we had were both enriching and inspiring, reaffirming the importance of collaboration in driving the industry forward.

As we look forward to future events, we are excited to continue our journey towards innovation and sustainability in the maritime industry. Until the next event — see you then!

Onboard Insights: Shore Employees Embark on Vessel Visits

By: Mark Ranzel De Jesus, Senior Digital Marketing Executive

OSM Thome Manila’s purchasing team shared their knowledge on BASSnet with the crew of MV Shina during their recent vessel visit and training. The training aims to improve efficiency and promote sustainable purchasing, logistics, and supply chain management.

The training addressed challenges in BASSnet, emphasizing the need for complete item/part registration and centralized requisitioning. Quarterly storing practices were mandated, discouraging small or out-of-schedule orders. Spare requisitions must be consolidated in BASSnet to avoid duplication, while urgent requests should adhere to specific protocols. Late receipts of  BASSnet POs was highlighted for impacting vendor relations and payment settlements. Utilization of LGA Forms for offloaded items and inclusion of all relevant personnel in Daily Itinerary communications were stressed. Minimizing small orders and urgent port requests was advised due to high logistics expenses. Additionally, new joiners were encouraged to access a list of common spare parts for preventive maintenance purposes.

OSM Thome’s Senior Fleet Group Manager Navendu Tomar and Assistant Fleet Group Manager Kamal Kumar were also present during the visit.

Celebrating Excellence: Meet Your 2024 OSM Thome Talent Board Program Members

By Jeremiah Low, Global HR Learning and Development Manager

At OSM Thome, we believe that talent is the new oil in building a culture of excellence and shaping the future of the maritime industry.

Earlier this year, OSM Thome launched the “Talent Board Program” that aims to select young OSM Thome talents that are yet to take on a leadership career track and are in the early years of their career paths. They will go through a one-year training program to test, develop and prepare them to become future leaders in the organisation.

The Talent Board Program plays a vital role in aligning with global talent trends, emphasizing meaningful work and clear career growth opportunities as key factors in supporting young employees’ success. The program focuses on targeted development through:

  • Systematically identifying and nurturing diverse skill sets
  • Recognizing and empowering individual’s strengths and aspirations
  • Cross-cultural opportunities, including overseas visits, and external training programs

This year’s program saw an extraordinary showcase of talent and an overwhelming number of applicants expressing interest. Through nominations and interviews, we are proud to announce our Talent Board Program selections for this year. This article introduces the newly selected members, highlighting their roles and what they have been working on so far. Join us in welcoming them and learning more about how they will contribute to driving our organization forward.

The Talent Board Program officially kicked off in April 2024 and all of the members got the opportunity to get acquainted with one another. They started on the initial phase of activities and focused on Self-Discovery Modules: Self-Awareness and their first tasks and assignments. These have been highlighted as well in the first edition of the Talent Board Newsletter put together by OSM Thome Operations Planner Amalie Strøm.

The last virtual Talent Board meeting took place in May, where the faculty and members gathered to exchange learnings and insights. OSM Thome CEO and Talent Board Permanent Member Finn Amund Norbye engaged in meaningful discussions with our members who provided candid feedback on what was going well in the organization and areas where we could enhance the organisation’s performance. The highlight of the session gave the members an opportunity to showcase what they have learned from the Self-Discovery modules. More significantly, the program’s future will involve practical, real-world applications as it advances.

The Talent Board Members will be assigned to different business unit projects to gain experience and contribute their valuable ideas to these projects. Furthermore, they will be attending a Leadership Bootcamp in June 2024. Stay tuned for more updates!

Spotlight on Leadership: Camilla Aardal- Chief Financial Officer- OSM Thome

By OSM Thome Editorial

Camilla Aardal joined OSM Thome in February of 2024, serving as our Chief Financial Officer [CFO] Camilla’s journey to this role is as impressive as it is diverse, embodying the blend of experience and drive that makes her a standout leader. Camilla brings a wealth of experience from various companies and industries, enriching our team with her broad perspective and dynamic approach. She exudes positive energy, making her a pleasure to work with and a source of motivation for those around her.

Born in Norway to a US-American mother and a Norwegian father, Camilla spent her early years in the diverse and beautiful city of Nairobi in Kenya, and later the bustling environment of New York City. At the age of 10, her family moved to Bærum, a serene suburb outside of Oslo. Her early international exposure allowed her to graduate from Valler high school a year early, showcasing her academic prowess and adaptability.

Camilla’s journey continued as she moved back to the US to attend college, living with her aunt and uncle on a ranch and working part-time. After four years, homesickness led her back to Norway, where she enrolled in the Siviløkonom program at BI Norwegian Business School. Graduating among the top 5% of her class with a major in finance, Camilla initially aspired to become a stockbroker. However, the post-dotcom job market steered her career in a different direction. She began her professional journey with CAPGEMINI and subsequently held significant roles at PWC, EVRY, Optimar, and most recently, the Spir Group, a company listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange, where she was CFO. She has extensive experience in business transformation and general management, and has key competencies within M&A, IPO processes, financial analysis and strategy.

Camilla is passionate about the crucial role the Finance function can play in creating value in the business. She believes that Finance teams are uniquely positioned in creating bridges between different business units and practices, aligning strategies with financial objectives and KPIs, providing insights for solid decision making, and identifying efficiency improvement opportunities, thus enabling Finance to play a key role in transforming the business.

Although Camilla has a love for numbers and analysis, she is equally passionate about building strong and cohesive teams. Her philosophy as a leader is one of empowerment and collaboration, anchored by a belief that anything is possible, with the right tools and support of good colleagues.

Currently based in Oslo, Camilla frequently travels to our headquarters in Arendal, ensuring a seamless connection between our offices. Her positive energy and proactive approach have already made a substantial impact on our team.

We are thrilled to have Camilla Aardal as our CFO, confident that her diverse experience, professional dedication, and vibrant personality will continue to drive our success.

“Her philosophy as a leader is one of empowerment and collaboration, anchored by a belief that anything is possible, with the right tools and support of good colleagues.”

Behind the Mission: Noah Ordoño’s Journey with OSM Thome Foundation

By: OSM Thome Editorial

Noah Ordoño’s path to becoming the Foundation Manager of OSM Thome Foundation shows the power of dedication and service. His journey started in college, where he studied Marketing Management. Leading his school’s junior marketing association, Noah organized community service projects that happened to be supported by OSM legacy’s Welfare Department, which later became the Foundation. These early experiences with development works, along with OSM’s encouragement, sparked Noah’s lasting commitment to social responsibility.

Noah’s strong dedication to the Foundation’s mission comes from personal experiences, especially those involving his father. Growing up, Noah’s father showed him the realities of social issues in the Philippines through documentaries and visits to poor communities. These experiences, along with his humble upbringing in a small nipa hut until the age of nine, gave him a deep sense of empathy and responsibility. His parents taught him to care for others, and this, combined with his professional experiences, led Noah to choose development work over a marketing career.

Noah’s passion for the Foundation’s mission is shared by his colleagues at OSM Thome. They all believe in the importance of sustainability and continuous improvement. Noah points out that their work is not just about completing tasks but about making meaningful and lasting impacts. This shared commitment and discipline keep them motivated, even in tough times.

The OSM Thome Foundation, under the guidance and leadership of Tommy Olofsen, OSM Thome Chief Marine Services Officer, Mailyn Borillo, OSM Thome Philippines Managing Director, and the rest of the Board and Foundation Committee, focuses on sustainable and impactful initiatives. Their work changes lives by addressing specific community needs through thorough research and tailored projects. This careful approach ensures that every initiative has a lasting positive impact, making their work exceptionally rewarding.

Noah’s involvement with the Foundation has greatly influenced his personal growth and outlook on life. It has improved his leadership skills and his ability to develop projects that benefit communities and his co-volunteers. Knowing that every decision can significantly affect someone’s life, or a community, has taught him the importance of commitment and quality in their work.

Over his career, Noah has learned many valuable lessons. He highlights the importance of believing in your team, protecting your integrity, valuing sustainability, and always being prepared. These principles guide the Foundation’s work and ensure their efforts lead to long-term, positive change.

One of Noah’s most unforgettable experiences during his missions is seeing the positive changes in the lives of the people they serve. Each project is unique, and the thorough research and understanding they do before starting, ensures that their initiatives meet the specific needs of each community. This careful approach makes their work very impactful and rewarding.

Looking ahead, Noah hopes to grow the OSM Thome Foundation by inviting more corporate partners to join their cause. As the Foundation’s 10th anniversary approaches in May 2025, he is excited about the possibility of doubling their size, reaching more communities, and developing new projects. His goal is to make a greater, lasting impact and to inspire others to support OSM Thome’s initiatives.

Noah Ordoño’s journey with the OSM Thome Foundation shows how dedication, empathy, and a shared commitment to sustainability can drive meaningful change. Through his leadership and the support of Tommy Olofsen, Mailyn Borillo, and the rest of the Foundation Committee, the Foundation continues to make a significant difference in the lives of many individuals and communities, truly embodying the spirit of service.

Navigating Towards a Safer and More Secure Maritime Industry

By: Tarun Puri, Security Manager

Recently, 10 International Liaison Officers of the Information Fusion Centre (IFC), an esteemed partner of OSM Thome, visited the group’s office in Singapore to stay up-to-date on the latest advancements in the organisation’s maritime security (MARSEC) protocols.

Throughout the visit, OSM Thome’s security experts offered a comprehensive overview of the company’s operations center, showcasing the sophisticated tools employed for vessel tracking and assessing voyage risks and threats. Engaging discussions ranged from the current affairs in the Red Sea to insights on maritime security measures in the Singapore Strait. This fruitful exchange allowed both IFC and OSM Thome to gain valuable perspectives. Furthermore, OSM Thome demonstrated their utilization of IFC products for risk analysis and highlighted their strategies for effectively communicating MARSEC awareness to their crew members.

The collaborative discussion was led by OSM Thome’s Security Manager, Captain Tarun Puri, Senior Security Superintendent Mr. Harry Wee, and the rest of the Security Department, an integral function of the MQA team headed by OSM Thome’s HSEQV Director, Lisa Holum.

OSM Thome powers through Q2 of 2024 with active participation in industry events and bagged awards

By: Eunice Anne Narvadez, Corporate Communication and Marketing Executive

Maritime powerhouse OSM Thome continues to showcase its steadfast commitment to excellence and dedication to fostering innovation and enhancing the well-being of their seafaring community through active participation in various maritime industry events in quarter two of the year.

OSM Thome kicked off April by being present at the Maritime Decarbonisation Conference Asia 2024 in Singapore. Head of Technical Support for Green Rajiv Malhotra attended the highly anticipated conference on April 3 and 4.

Sea Japan 2024, the biggest maritime event in Japan, was attended by the Head of Business Development and Projects for Marine Services Cheok Wing, Business Development Manager for Catering and Catering Academy Saraswathi Subramanian, and Chief Country Representative for Japan Hiroki Katagiri on April 10 to 12.

Highlighting OSM Thome’s organizational ethos of prioritizing its people’s well-being, sixteen OSM Thome Cyprus employees enthusiastically took part in a 5KM race at the OPAP Limassol Marathon on April 13.

On April 14 to 19, Chief Executive Officer Olav Nortun, Head of Business Development and Projects for Marine Services Cheok Wing, and Enterprise Applications Manager Irene Teo were present during the five-day Singapore Maritime Week, which was one of the industry’s biggest events of the year.

Nordic Medical Clinic Medical Director for Operations Dr. Margarita Huerte presented the clinic’s groundbreaking research on Health Risk Classification Patterns among Filipino seafarers during the 14th International Hispanofrancophone Congress on Maritime Medicine hosted by the Spanish Society of Maritime Medicine on April 22 to 24 in Spain.

Concurrently, Nordic Medical Clinic Medical Director for Holistic Care Dr. Christian Lubaton delivered a presentation entitled “Designing a Healthy Lifestyle for Seafarers” during the SAFETY4SEA Manila Forum on April 23. On the same event, OSM Thome Philippines Vice President for Crewing Operations Jay Babera took the stage to reaffirm OSM Thome’s dedication to prioritizing the holistic well-being of seafarers and their families by integrating education and engagement initiatives into its policies and practices.

In its commitment to continue championing talent development and fostering innovation, OSM Thome India sponsored and participated in The Future Skill Maritime event in India. Managing Director for India Capt. Arun Mehta and Learning and Development Superintendent Devesh Gautam attended the event and contributed their expertise to enrich discussions and initiatives aimed at advancing maritime excellence.

Emphasizing OSM Thome’s unwavering support for The Maritime Anti-Corruption Network’s (MACN) fight against corrupt practices within the maritime industry, Compliance Officer Avantika participated in MACN’s Spring Members Meeting in Copenhagen on April 24 and 25.

Business Development Head Torbjørn Lie imparted his insights into “Advanced Nuclear Technology” initiative in the online panel discussion entitled “Exploring Nuclear-Powered Commercial Vessels: Addressing Challenges and Embracing Opportunities” during the Marine Propulsion: Fuels Webinar Week on May 8. The initiative involves over 20 prominent companies within the maritime industry, including OSM Thome.

OSM Thome also showed its support for the annual TradeWinds Shipowners Forum in Singapore last May 9 by being one of its sponsors. The forum focused on the theme “How is disruption reshaping shipping and earnings?” and was a definite success.

Meanwhile, Aegir Global Travels bagged two major awards this quarter, namely the Qatar Airways Agent Award 2024 from Qatar Airways the PAL Awards International 2024 from Philippine Airlines, last April 11 and April 23, respectively. These recognitions highlight Aegir’s steadfast commitment to delivering outstanding travel services.

OSM Thome Philippines was present as an exhibitor during the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Manila’s Norway Constitution Day on May 16.

Another exceptional win this quarter is OSM Thome Philippines Managing Director and Phlippines’ first-ever female managing director of a ship management company Mailyn Borillo’s feat of the Philippines won Nordic-Philippines Business Awards’ Influential Leader Award on May 23. This award honors individuals who demonstrate exceptional vision, leadership, and significant impact on their industry and community.

Chief Marine Services Officer Tommy Olofsen, Fleet Group Manager Arindam Dutta, and Business Development Consultant Shichiro Nakakuki graced the Intertanko Japan Meet 2024 with their presence to meet with leaders from tanker-owning community and industry partners on May 23. OSM Thome was a proud sponsor of the event’s Tanker Summit.

Thousands flocked to Athens, Greece from June 3 to June 7 for the highly anticipated Posidonia 2024. Visitors and industry friends visited OSM Thome’s booth to connect and foster collaborations at the 5-day expo.

Truly, Posidonia week was an eventful OSM Thome week as the company sponsored the prestigious TradeWinds Shipowners Forum Athens 2024, while Chief Crew Management Officer Julia Anastasiou sat down for an exclusive interview with TradeWinds for Posidonia TV to talk about OSM Thome’s stand on crew diversity and joined a panel discussion entitled “Using data to drive human performance”, where she highlighted the organization’s Competency Management System, which helps assess and enhance seafarers’ competence and behavior.

Concurrently, Nordic Medical Clinic Medical Director for Holistic Care Dr. Christian Lubaton talked about the most pressing topics concerning seafarers’ mental and physical well-being and lifestyles on board during the Seafarers’ Mental Health and Wellbeing Seminar arranged by Learning Seaman. Dr. Lubaton was also interviewed by SAFETY4SEA to discuss crew welfare and seafarers’ health concerns, highlighting NMC’s efforts to encourage healthy lifestyle habits among crew members and identifying health trends.

Ultimately, Business Development Manager Jan Davidse joined fellow industry professionals at the APAC Energy Capital Assembly 2024 from June 4 to June 5 in Singapore.

Commercial Leadership and Strategic Selling

By: Kjell Ove Breivik, Chief Culture Officer 

It was with great excitement that 20 of our colleagues set sail for the first training session with Korn Ferry. Korn Ferry is the company that will help us all become more structured and strategic in dealing with our customers and clients and show us how we can simply win more business.

Korn Ferry will join OSM Thome on a three-year journey, with the program consisting of several modules. The first module that is now being rolled out to our sales leaders is the so-called “Blue-Sheet” training, also known as Strategic Selling with Perspective.

And yes, perspective is important. In the context of sales, perspective simply means that we should try to see the world through the eyes of our customers. Perspective is also knowledge that expands a customer’s understanding of one or more business issues. Perspective building is a way to build personal credibility with customers, and by putting ourselves in the shoes of the customers, we will simply build better connections at different levels with our clients.

During our first training session with Korn Ferry, our facilitator, Barry Dunne, was able to engage and captivate the audience for two full days. It is amazing to learn the insights and perspectives other people from the company can provide, as long as we can create an arena for a structured way of dealing with a prospect. We learned how effective a 60-minute “Deal Review” session can be as long as the group actively listened and contributed to deal owners who were keen to get help from others.

In parallel with the training that is being provided by Korn Ferry, we will develop our own training programs that build on the Korn Ferry training program. We aim to make this available to the rest of the organization that are actively involved with our customers. We believe this new in-house training will be a natural progression of the “leadership essentials” training program we already have rolled out.

In our pursuit of a truly performance-driven culture in OSM Thome, it is now time to turn our learning focus away from being inwards looking and domestic discussions to a much more forward-leaning, outward and customer-centric focus.

Stay tuned for more information and updates.

Nordic Medical Clinic Launches New Website

By: Christina Amoyo, Business Process Manager, Nordic Medical Clinic

The Nordic Medical Clinic has proudly unveiled its latest website, steadfastly dedicating itself to providing comprehensive healthcare solutions to seafarers and esteemed partners worldwide.

Featuring a user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation, the clinic’s new website offers seamless access to a wealth of resources, including a wide range of medical services, wellness programs, and specialized treatments. Whether it’s pre-employment medical examinations, medical consultations, or mental health support, Nordic Medical Clinic is dedicated to ensuring the well-being of seafarers at every step of their journey.

Through enhanced communication channels and interactive features, Nordic Medical Clinic aims to forge stronger connections and facilitate the exchange of knowledge and expertise to improve maritime healthcare. The website includes detailed information on its services, patient testimonials, and the latest news in maritime health.

Explore NMC’s services and discover how the clinic can support your health and well-being, ensuring you receive top-quality care no matter where your journey takes you by visiting their website at https://nordicmedicalclinic.com/.

Local Culture and Cuisine Highlights, First stop: India  – The City of Dreams

First stop: India  – The City of Dreams

Located on India’s west coast, Mumbai (previously known as Bombay) is most popularly known as the city of dreams. The city is lovingly referred to by its people as “Amchi Mumbai” or “Mumbai Meri Jaan”.

Mumbai is not only the bustling financial capital of India but also culturally rich and culinary diverse. Popularly known as ‘Bollywood’, Mumbai is the heart of Indian cinema as well. Let’s not forget that every location in Mumbai has its own story to tell.

Never ceasing to amaze its visitors with some of the best architectural masterworks, the iconic  Gateway of India built during the British Era offers stunning views of the Arabian Sea.  The Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus (CSMT) and Elephanta caves are renowned UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel is another architectural marvel and a symbol of luxury and heritage and is marked as one of the most iconic hotels in the world.

The localities enjoy beautiful sunsets at the bandstand and marine drive with their family and friends.

Mumbai also has a thriving art scene with galleries like the Jehangir Art Gallery, a rich theatre culture, with venues like Prithvi Theatre, NCPA hosting plays in various languages. The Kala Ghoda Arts Festival held annually, celebrates the city’s art and culture with events covering music, dance, literature, and visual arts.

For all food lovers and visitors looking to explore the essence of Mumbai, the city offers various delicious food from vada pav to pav bhaji, Bombay sandwiches to bhel puri and pani puri, authentic seafood, and versatile thali with local sweets. The Parsi and Irani cafes are known for their renowned traditional dishes and unique ambiance.  The city hosts several high-end fine dining restaurants offering both traditional and contemporary Indian cuisine, as well as international flavours.

The city reflects cultural diversity with communal feats and festivals celebrated on a large scale.

With its diverse population and rich history, the city offers a unique blend of traditional and modern experiences.

True to its commitment to providing the best maritime services across the globe, OSM Thome has its doors open to its customers and employees in two locations in India: Mumbai and Gurgaon. Both offices are home to hundreds of employees, redefining a robust and healthy work culture, enhancing employees’ overall experience through smart working spaces, and strengthening their feeling of belonging and engagement.

Indeed, Mumbai is a city home to millions of young and aspirant Indians relocating from various parts of the country for a brighter future. The city never fails to disappoint anyone.

Taking the Love for the Arts to New Heights

By: OSM Thome Editorial

In a volatile time where career and financial stability become more pressing than ever, putting passion for arts aside has become a reality for many. While it usually is a collected embedded notion that this might be a smart career move, there comes a breaking point for some professionals who realize that being able to balance both career and a passion for being creative is breaking this archaic perception for good. OSM Thome AB seaman Mark Ordoñez and HR Assistant Vivi Høiland’s burning passion for their respective careers and their crafts are testaments to this incredible pursuit.

Sailing and Inking

For thirty-two-year-old Mark Ordoñez, his love for his seafaring career stemmed from his passion for the sea, experiencing different parts of the world by sea, and the appeal of a dynamic job. He takes great pride in his contributions to international trade, transportation, and the global economy. Having the opportunity to do all these things for several years, Mark said that knowledge and experience sharing with new seafarers and building a strong sense of camaraderie to ensure smooth operations onboard are the highlights of his career at sea.

In an interview, Mark affirmed that sailing with OSM Thome allows him to grow and succeed in the maritime industry. Apart from leaving incredible marks on the global economy as a seafarer, Mark found his fervor for tattooing. Tattooing, as Mark described it, allowed him to combine his passion for art and the opportunity to make meaningful impacts on the lives of the people he has inked. “Each tattoo is a unique piece of art that holds personal significance for the client, and being able to create something that they will carry with them forever is incredibly fulfilling,” Mark added.

Ink on skin? Not so skin-deep

For Mark, tattooing is not just a mere hobby or just about aesthetics. Contributing to his love for tattooing are the creative freedom this art form gives him, the ability to continuously learn and improve his skills, and the chance to meet diverse and interesting people. “Additionally, the trust that clients place in me to bring their visions to life is both an honor and a rewarding challenge,” Mark said, affirming the deeper meaning of being a tattoo artist.

OSM Thome Norway HR Assistant Vivi Seim Høiland’s deep-seated belief in the power of people to drive organizational success pushed her to pursue a career in the HR field. Somewhere in the broad field of human resources, Vivi discovered her passion for creating positive work environments where employees feel supported, heard, valued, and motivated. “The ability to influence hiring, development, and retention processes excites me because it directly impacts the company’s culture and productivity,” the twenty-five-year-old HR Assistant added.

Inside the best of both worlds as an HR professional and thespian

In the midst of the hustle and bustle of helping people build their careers in the maritime industry, Vivi ensures that she has the time for performing arts – a passion of hers which allows her to express complete creative expression and personal transformation. “It challenges me to step outside my comfort zone and embrace new perspectives. The collaborative nature of theatre work enhances my teamwork and communication skills, which are valuable in all aspects of life. Performing arts also nurtures my imagination and creativity, which I find immensely fulfilling and beneficial for my personal and professional growth,” Vivi said.

For Vivi, balancing work and performing arts requires effective time management and a clear focus on priorities. Ensuring that she allocates dedicated time for both her professional responsibilities and her artistic pursuits keeps her present and productive in both areas.

Her love for the arts and innovation did not stop her in performing her role in the HR team, rather it helped her bring her professional role to the forefront. “Embrace your unique journey and don’t shy away from taking risks. Stay curious and open to new experiences, and always bring your authentic self to your work and your art,” Vivi advised young professionals and thespians like her.

Social Responsibility is part of OSM Thome’s DNA

By: Noah Ordoño, OSM-AD Foundation

Making a positive impact is part of the values of everyone in the organization. As OSM Thome desires to become an asset to society, we take the necessary systematic action to respond to the areas where we could make a difference. Responsible business means supporting the sustainability efforts to make the world a better place.


We all know that the OSM-AD Foundation has been advocating the value of education in the far-flung communities in the Philippines. As the Foundation adheres to the value of innovation, it sets up solar-powered audio-visual equipment in isolated schools. Being introduced as the Center for Learning Project, the presently 12 solar-powered Centers bring solar energy to schools located in communities that still have no access to mains electricity. Without this equipment, these schools will individually have to rely on diesel generators that are costly to operate and cause carbon emissions. By setting this project up, these schools can now perform on par with the schools in progressive communities. These initiatives are supported by our corporate partners Hurtigruten Foundation, Rederiet Stenersen AS, Del Rosario Law, and HOST.

Our friends from OSM Thome Singapore also helped the cause by cleaning-up the reservoir waterway with a team of volunteers in kayaks. The team was able to collect multiple sacks of waste from the waterway.

Empowering the Children and Youth

Investing in the next generation is one way towards sustaining the advancement of society. OSM Thome is currently supporting scholars in the Philippines, mostly selected from the most disadvantaged communities. With more than 30 scholars, 13 graduates, and expecting 14 new scholars to date, we are planting seeds of hope as we hone new young leaders through the Foundation’s Scholarship Program supported by our corporate partners. Our leaders from OSM Thome also do their part by facilitating valuable workshops and soft skills development to ensure the scholars can become competent, imbued with the values of a catalyst for change.

Our colleagues from HOST-OSM Thome are also supporting indigent children in India. Some orphaned children received school supplies and educational support to help them perform well in class.

OSM Thome’s corporate social responsibility has grown from being an initiative to becoming a program that is part of its DNA. We invite you to be part of this advocacy. Through the power of 200 trained OSM Thome Volunteers registered on its Pool, our thousands of colleagues globally, and with the help of our corporate partners who share the same cause, imagine how much more we can do as we work together for a better world.

Empowering Change: OSM Thome’s Global CSR Initiatives

By: Renata Barbosa, HR Manager, OSM Thome Brazil

In March, our project “Youth in Focus: Navigating Towards the Future” was launched in Brazil, specifically targeting the city of Rio de Janeiro. This initiative aims to address the challenges faced by youth from low-income communities by providing them with opportunities for employment, growth, and development.

The primary objectives of the project are:
  1. Hiring six young apprentices from low-income communities in Rio de Janeiro.
  2. Creating an inclusive work environment for these young individuals.
  3. Contributing to the professional and personal development of the youth, preparing them for future opportunities in the job market.

These young individuals were hired as apprentices and are currently participating in a comprehensive training program offered by Senac, a Brazilian institution dedicated to professional education and skills development for the job market. This program covers both theoretical and practical aspects, focusing on technical skills as well as behavioral competencies essential for professional success.

The impacts of our project are significant:
  • Contributing to the reduction of youth unemployment rates by providing meaningful employment opportunities.
  • Strengthening the local human capital by investing in the skills and potential of young individuals from marginalized communities.
  • Promoting corporate social responsibility by actively engaging in initiatives that address societal challenges.
  • Cultivating an organizational culture that values inclusivity and social development, thereby fostering a more cohesive and equitable society.

As we progress with “Youth in Focus: Navigating Towards the Future,” we remain committed to empowering these young individuals, unlocking their potential, and guiding them towards a brighter and more promising future. By investing in the youth today, we are paving the way for a more prosperous and inclusive society tomorrow.