2nd edition of OSM Thome News




Message from the CEO Finn Amund Norbye

Welcome to the second edition of our OSM Thome newsletter. Since our last issue, we’ve been hard at work navigating the challenges that come with the merger of two esteemed ship management companies. We appreciate your dedication during this transition. The theme of this issue centers on “Embracing Change and Innovation,” an imperative for maintaining our position as a premier ship management company. As the maritime sector addresses decarbonisation in pursuit of the IMO’s goal to achieve net-zero GHG emissions by 2050, our ability to anticipate customer and stakeholder needs is crucial.

In this edition, we are pleased to spotlight OSM Thome’s significant strides toward a zero-carbon future which is an essential and timely topic in the maritime industry. Furthermore, we are delighted to share our eco-friendly achievements and objectives for the year 2024. We also take a look at the different holiday celebrations of our colleagues around the world and onboard, highlighting the diverse cultures that make up our global team.

Our “Culture Chronicles” section delves into our last pillar, which focuses on leadership training. We are committed to nurturing leadership skills among our workforce to drive excellence and innovation. Furthermore, we are excited to introduce our new service, Axia, which is designed to optimise your marine procurement. With Axia, we aim to streamline and enhance your procurement processes, ensuring efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

To achieve these goals, we recognise the significance of harnessing digital technology to work more intelligently. In this newsletter, you will learn about our digital transformation plans, which will enable us to operate more efficiently.

Additionally, this issue highlights the training opportunities available for ambitious seafarers looking to advance their careers. We also emphasize our comprehensive approach to promoting the mental and physical well-being of our crews.

As we reflect on our remarkable achievements in this momentous first year as a combined entity, we can all take immense pride in our accomplishments. As the holiday season approaches, I encourage you to seize the opportunity to take a well-deserved pause, rest, and celebrate with your loved ones, whether you are working onboard with colleagues or enjoying time at home with family and friends.

As we approach the New Year, let us return to work with renewed vigor and unwavering determination, steadfast in our pursuit of excellence in every endeavor. I extend my warmest wishes to you all. Happy Holidays and a Prosperous New Year!


Seafarers OSM Thome

Anticipating Needs and Opportunities for Our Partners in the Upcoming Year

By Tommy Olofsen, Chief Commercial Officer and President

In the ever-evolving maritime industry, innovation guides us towards enhanced sustainability and growth. As OSM Thome takes leadership in this journey, our commitment to excellence and a visionary approach remains firm. Our dedication is directed towards our customers’ success. In this era of profound digital and technological advancements, OSM Thome stands as a forward-thinking and responsible ship management provider. Our mission extends beyond adaptation; it positions us as leaders in understanding and anticipating the evolving requirements and opportunities for our valued partners in the upcoming year and beyond.

Industry Advancements:

The maritime industry embraces digital and technological strides to elevate efficiency, safety, and environmental responsibility. As your forward-thinking partner, OSM Thome continuously assesses and harnesses emerging trends, including:

Data Analysis: Enhancing data analytics for predictive maintenance, fuel optimisation, and equipment failure prevention using IoT sensors and AI algorithms.

Supply Chain Transparency: Implementing blockchain technology to fortify supply chain transparency, enhancing transaction security and reducing fraud.

Green Fuels: Collaborating with clients to advise on cleaner fuel options, aligning with IMO’s goal of zero GHG emissions by 2050.

Enhanced Safety Measures: Employing AI algorithms, advanced sensors, cameras, and radar systems for predictive safety analysis, collision detection, and avoidance.

On-Demand Spare Parts: Leveraging 3D printing for efficient spare part fabrication, minimizing downtime, enabling customisation, and reducing waste.

Cyber Security: Ensuring robust cyber defences through continuous staff training to counter sophisticated cyber threats.

Regulatory Compliance: Evaluating advanced systems for emissions monitoring and reporting to meet international regulations, and promoting sustainability.

Education and Learning: Utilising e-learning and immersive technologies such as VR and AR for flexible, skill-enhancing training both onboard and ashore.

OSM Thome’s unwavering commitment remains central to our journey. We are not just a company; we are a unified force propelling towards a future where innovation merges with sustainability, safety, and your interests stand paramount.

In the coming year, we will persistently evaluate and harness emerging trends that have the potential to redefine our industry. Whether it’s data analysis, supply chain transparency, green fuels, enhanced safety, spare parts, cybersecurity, regulatory compliance, or education and learning, OSM Thome is your steadfast partner, guiding you through the currents of progress and change.

Together, we navigate these waters with precision and foresight, ensuring your journey remains smooth, secure, and successful. The horizon is teeming with opportunities, and OSM Thome, your trusted companion, is dedicated to anticipating your needs and seizing these opportunities as we sail into a promising year ahead.


YEAR-END REVIEW: Celebrating OSM Thome’s Milestones and Maritime Innovations in 2023

By Xanthos Neofytou, Head of BD Infrastructure & Marketing

2023 marks a pivotal year in the maritime evolution and OSM Thome proudly stands at the forefront of this transformative wave.

OSM Thome has rapidly ascended as a leader in maritime operations. Our vision and mission are rooted in excellence and sustainable innovation, establishing us as influential trailblazers in the maritime sector.

Our expansion into new markets and strategic partnerships with major industry players showcased our adaptability and growing influence. The expansion of our fleet enhanced our operational capacity significantly. Our collaboration with Pherousa Green Shipping was a highlight, marking our commitment to sustainable maritime solutions.

We embraced advanced sustainable shipping technologies, particularly in zero-emission propulsion. Our strides in digitalisation improved efficiency and safety across our operations. These technological advancements, balancing sustainability with digitalisation, have positioned us as leaders in maritime innovation.

Despite facing challenges in 2023, our response showcased resilience and strategic adaptability. We navigated market uncertainties and operational hurdles with innovative solutions, turning challenges into opportunities.

Looking to 2024 and beyond, our vision is ambitious and forward-thinking. We plan to further utilise our global presence, pioneer new projects, and continue to drive innovation in the industry.

In summary, our story is one of the most remarkable achievements and leadership in the maritime industry. Our contributions have been instrumental in steering the sector towards a more innovative and sustainable future.


OSM THOME SERVICES SPOTLIGHT: Exploring the Diverse Range of OSM Thome’s Services

By OSM Thome Editorial

OSM Thome is a renowned global leader in Ship Technical Management and Crew Management. More recently, it has expanded its array of other essential marine services with a focus on providing its clients with an unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation, with the ultimate aim of consolidating its position as the preferred partner for ship operators around the world.

1. Ship Management

At OSM Thome, our comprehensive ship management services are designed to ensure optimal performance and readiness of all international trading vessels, including tankers, gas carriers, bulk carriers, and container vessels. Our offerings extend to specialized sectors such as Offshore Wind/Renewables, Oil and Gas, and Cruise Lines, underpinning our dedication to maintaining vessels in peak condition while balancing cost-efficiency.

2. Crew Management

Our crew management solutions are meticulously crafted to meet the diverse needs of our clients. From sourcing and employing qualified crew members to managing payroll and taxes, we deliver a full spectrum of services that include but are not limited to:

  • Comprehensive crew planning, travel arrangements, and training
  • Medical services, insurance provisions, and cadet programs
  • Performance mentoring, transparent management software, and structured career development

We also offer an array of optional services focused on the daily welfare and comprehensive well-being of our seafarers, reinforcing our ‘Seafarers as a Customer’ concept and providing robust support systems for both crew members and their families.

3. Marine Services

Our expertise extends beyond ship and crew management, encompassing a full suite of technical services essential for the maritime industry. From new building supervision and dry docking to energy efficiency and inspections, OSM Thome delivers unparalleled technical support.

In addition, we offer extensive crewing services, including a dedicated travel agency, superior catering services, and top-tier medical facilities, along with essential services like supply chain management, maritime insurance, and ship agency services.

Continuing our legacy of innovation and comprehensive service, OSM Thome is excited to introduce our latest advancement in maritime solutions:

  • Introducing Axia – Our latest innovation in marine procurement, AXIA is a transparent company revolutionising the maritime asset management sector with sustainable, high-quality procurement services.

OSM Thome is more than a service provider; we are a global partner with our clients helping them achieve their goals with our extensive portfolio of sustainable and high-quality marine services.


OSM Thome Steps Towards A Zero-Carbon Future

By Torbjørn Lie, Business Development Manager

Growing recognition of the threat posed by man-made climate change has spurred government institutions, industry, and science to find clean fuels to power economic activity. The maritime industry accounts for 90% of global freight and emits “only” around 2.7% of carbon emissions, but still the industry has to play its part in decarbonisation.

Deep-sea vessels consume large amounts of fuel and contribute more than 85% of global maritime emissions. Our total global fleet emits around 840 million tons of carbon annually and there are expectations from charterers and consumers to reduce these emissions. Regulations and policies are put in place to help us with this, but we need access to investors and capital to make this happen.

Deep-sea vessels consume large amounts of fuel and contribute more than 85% of global maritime emissions.

Steering towards a zero-emission future will of course have a deep impact on the fuels and technologies to be used, and how we shape maritime transport into the future. Many technological solutions already exist but have to be fine-tuned and scaled towards useful solutions for the maritime industry. A combination of technologies will be the way forward, depending on the vessels’ size and trading pattern. Fuels and gases are also available to contribute to the zero-carbon future, but production and infrastructure issues must be solved. A progressive path is necessary and transition fuels will be needed.

In the jungle of opportunities, OSM Thome and its experts will assist the industry to make sustainable and profitable choices for their fleets. Specific training will be necessary for the individual solutions and our training centers will be adapted to these demands.

Several actions will be needed in parallel to succeed, and as mentioned, the vessels trading pattern will play an important role in finding the right solution. This has to do with infrastructure and availability of renewable fuels, as well as other technological solutions. Important aspects here are:

  1. Onboard energy consumption must be reduced and consequently the emissions. Renewable technology is costly.
  2. What type of renewable fuels will be available, where, and when?
  3. What solution would be right for your vessel: liquid (biofuels, ammonia, methanol, hydrogen) or gas (bio, synthetic, or natural gas)?
  4. Are there other emerging technologies coming?

For sure, no one can succeed with this tremendous task alone. Therefore, OSM Thome continuously works with world leading companies and industry partners on activities and pilot studies to find the most cost-effective way towards a zero-carbon future.


Reflecting on Our Eco-friendly Milestones and Aims for 2024

By Dorithy Yeo, HSSEQ Compliance Executive

With more than 80% of the world’s trade carried by ships at sea and with many more maritime activities happening across the world, the maritime industry plays a vital role in making sure that sustainability is an important concern to be looked at.

OSM Thome is committed to reducing any negative environmental impacts of its global footprint by aiming to conduct its business in a sustainable and responsible manner. OSM Thome is also involved in activities to improve the energy efficiency of its operations at all levels and at the same time, explore renewable energy segments such as wind. 

At OSM Thome, we aim to create long-term value for the companies with which we partner and are committed to making a positive impact on local communities. The work we do involves supporting local communities to develop both socially and economically.  We build capacity in local communities by supporting education, training local employees, and providing support to our employees’ families.

Legacy Thome: Voluntary engagement in the “Quiet Sound Voluntary Vessel Slowdown” initiative led by Washington Maritime Blue between October 24, 2022, and January 12, 2023. This concerted effort aimed to safeguard the crucial habitat of the endangered southern resident orcas by Admiralty Inlet and North Puget Sound. 

Legacy Thome: OSM Thome Business Development Manager Torbjørn Lie and Magne Aunebakk from SinOceanic Shipping wrote about energy optimisation activities to reduce fuel consumption and emission reductions and CII compliance named “A Greener Workhorse Pilot Report – Feasibility Study”. The study was carried out together with Norway’s Green Shipping Programme and in cooperation with other major technology providers and institutions. The findings were also presented during the digital webinar “Retrofit of Container Ship to Operate on Green Methanol”.

Legacy OSM: Involved in delivering two green sisterships, Havila Polaris and Havila Pollux, which are equipped with battery packs that enable them to operate emission-free for up to 4 hours. This allows them to visit environmentally sensitive areas like UNESCO sites silently and without emissions. These battery packs can be charged while in dock using clean Norwegian power, leading to a reduction of up to 35% in Co2 emissions and up to 90% in local emissions NOx and SOx compared to traditional fossil fuel-powered ships. The company has been involved since March 2019 until July 31, 2023.

OSM Thome aims to establish itself as a trusted leader, setting new industry benchmarks, and consistently surpassing expectations in an ever-changing business landscape. We are deeply committed to conducting business sustainably and responsibly, aligning with the global focus on ESG initiatives and fully supporting the UN SDGs. Our suite of sustainability programs encourages more eco-conscious practices throughout our fleet and worldwide offices. We will continue to focus on the five UN SDGs which we have prioritised as they remain relevant to our focus areas and how we do business.

The sustainability commitment has been embedded in our strategy, our business processes, and decision-making. We will continue to build on our foundations while driving change across the organisation to impact the industry and set the standard for sustainable ship management. We will remain a leader in safe and efficient management, as well as crucial areas like digitalisation, cyber security, and green shipping.


OSM THOME CREW WELFARE AND DEVELOPMENT: Charting the Course for Seafarers

By Julia Anastasiou, Chief Crew Management Officer

Recognising that the well-being of seafarers is intrinsically linked to operational excellence, OSM Thome has made it a priority to provide a safe, healthy, and supportive environment for its crew members. This commitment extends to offering ongoing training, fostering a culture of inclusivity and respect, and ensuring access to mental health and wellness resources.

By nurturing a content and motivated workforce, OSM Thome not only enhances the quality of life for its crew, but also boosts productivity, safety, and the overall performance of its vessels, ultimately contributing to the company’s enduring success in the maritime industry.

Our Training Initiatives

OSM Thome’s training initiatives aim for sustainability by cultivating a pool of skilled and safety-oriented seafarers to meet current and future customer needs. Collaborating with customers and industry experts, the company has established competence standards across all crew ranks and vessel types. The OSM Thome Training Center uses these standards to tailor training programs that elevate the skills of seafarers globally, aligned with the company’s mission.

To support our company’s mission, OSM Thome’s Training Center has two main deliverables:

Provide Innovative Learning Solutions for seafarers

OSM Thome’s Training Center provides innovative and flexible training solutions for seafarers, utilizing the latest technology and facilities. With a skilled team, the Center delivers a variety of courses through online platforms like iLearn, virtual classrooms, onboard sessions, and traditional classroom settings. Collaborating with international partners ensures a wide reach, offering tailored training experiences to seafarers in Europe and Asia. The curriculum includes specialized courses such as Danish Medical Care, Dynamic Positioning, Marine Resource Management, and Marine Refrigeration, all certified by respective maritime authorities.

Provide Crew Development programs to support the manpower strategy and growth of the business

OSM Thome delivers comprehensive Crew Development Programs (CDP) to bolster its manpower strategy and support business expansion. Leveraging a vast recruitment network, the company actively sources and nurtures seafaring talent. The CDPs, facilitated by the in-house team, are designed to offer seafarers career progression opportunities. These programs include the Future Leaders Program for training prospective Masters and Chief Engineers; the Catering Education Program aimed at developing skilled Chief Cooks and Stewards; a Cross Training Program to diversify officer competencies across vessel types; and specialized courses for roles like Electro-Technical Officers and ROV Pilot Technicians.

Our customers entrust the operations of their vessels to the seafarers which OSM Thome provides so we need to ensure that we have robust training programs set up to continuously enhance the capabilities of our seafarers now and in the future.

Welfare Measures:

OSM Thome prioritises the welfare of its crew members, implementing a comprehensive range of well-being initiatives that encompass both mental and physical health. These measures include regular health check-ups, fitness programs, and access to wellness facilities on board their vessels. Additionally, the company has established robust mental health resources, such as counselling services and stress management programs to address the unique challenges faced by seafarers. By investing in these initiatives, OSM Thome not only ensures the physical health and mental well-being of its crew, but also fosters a supportive and caring environment that enhances job satisfaction, crew retention, and overall operational excellence.

For seafarers aspiring to advance their maritime careers at OSM Thome, there are several key tips to keep in mind. First and foremost, a strong commitment to safety, compliance, and continuous learning is essential. Staying up to date with industry regulations and best practices demonstrates dedication to the company’s core values. Networking and building positive relationships with colleagues and superiors can also open doors to career growth opportunities within OSM Thome. Additionally, a proactive attitude towards professional development, including seeking out additional training and certifications, can set seafarers apart in a competitive field. Lastly, adaptability and the willingness to embrace new technologies and innovations in the maritime industry will position individuals for success in their careers at OSM Thome.


The Culture Chronicles – The Last Pillar: Leadership Training

By Kjell Ove Breivik, Chief Culture Officer

Finally, we have come to the 4th pillar of our Culture Journey in 2023, namely the OSM Thome Leadership Training. We are very proud to have created a tailor-made in-house leadership training which we strongly believe will benefit our leaders and employees. Leadership is always important – particularly during a merger, even more so!

Leadership is required for any organisation that wants to accomplish great things. Sound, clear, and visible leadership can help people find their inner motivation. It will also set direction and give clarity, and it can find true north during their life at work. 

Our 2023 edition of the OSM Thome Leadership Training contains several modules that all support our ambition of creating a performance-driven culture. The training has elements from all the previous pillars of the culture journey: change management courses, Vision, Mission and Values process, and the GAP analysis that we carried out recently.  We talk about psychological safety and psychological contracts, context setting, DEI, communication, change management, and creation of strong teams. 

We know that a two-day leadership training is not enough, but the ambition we have is to create a common language, common understanding, and a common set of tools on how we lead consistently across our group. It is important to create a common ground for all when we talk about leadership.

So far, we have experienced great engagement and some really positive, interesting, and engaging feedback on our training. Our leaders have appreciated the interactive style of the training, and also the fact that the training sessions are planned in a timely manner. Discussing and sharing views on relevant leadership challenges with peers at a leadership training course is one of the most effective ways of learning.

When we finally complete the training for the most senior leaders in our shore organisation, we will develop a leadership training program for our senior officers onboard our vessels. Upwards and onwards!


EMBRACING DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION: The Vital Role of Technology in Advancing Ship Operations at OSM Thome

By Jamie Ramsamy, Chief Digital Officer

At OSM Thome, digital transformation transcends technological adoption; it is about creating a safer and more efficient environment for our crew and taking proactive steps towards environmental stewardship.

The Foundation of Data

Data is the bedrock upon which our future initiatives are built. We are in the process of establishing a data hub that will serve as the nerve centre for our information management. This hub will empower us with predictive insights, enabling us to enhance operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Unified Systems for Enhanced Safety and Quality

Central to our efforts is the unification of onboard systems. By integrating these systems, we provide our crew with rapid access to critical information, allowing them to concentrate on what matters most: maintaining the highest safety and quality standards in our operations. This seamless flow of information facilitates better communication, quicker decision-making, and more comprehensive oversight of shipboard activities, all of which contribute to the well-being of our crew and the efficiency of our operations.

Commitment to Decarbonisation

Decarbonisation is not just a goal but a responsibility we embrace with vigour. We leverage data analytics to monitor and optimise onboard conditions, leading to interventions that significantly reduce emissions. Our strategy includes scrutinizing every aspect of our operations, from fuel consumption patterns to engine performance, to identify and implement the most effective measures for reducing our carbon footprint.

Harnessing AI to Empower Our People

Looking ahead, we are poised to harness artificial intelligence as a transformative tool. AI will augment our crew’s capabilities, aiding them in becoming more effective and efficient. Through machine learning algorithms and advanced analytics, AI will help us detect patterns and insights that would otherwise remain hidden, supporting our crew in making data-driven decisions that enhance safety, operational efficiency, and environmental compliance.

In conclusion, at OSM Thome, we are not just integrating technology; we are fostering a culture of continuous improvement and innovation. By prioritising the safety of our crew and committing to sustainable practices, we are setting a course for a future where technology is a driving force for good in the maritime industry.


STAYING COMPETITIVE AND ALWAYS AHEAD: OSM Thome’s Commitment to Continuous Learning

By Jeremiah Low, Global HR Learning and Development Manager

In today’s fast-paced and rapidly evolving business landscape, organisations must prioritise continuous learning and professional development initiatives to stay ahead. OSM Thome recognises the importance of nurturing a culture that values learning and growth, to not only bolster our organisation’s performance but also set our employees up for success. This article will showcase what we have achieved and will continue to strive for:

  • Training programme highlights in 2023
  • OSM Thome’s Skills to Build Skills: vision and what’s next for 2024
  • Concluding notes

Training Programme Highlights 2023

With the merger, OSM Thome focused on rolling out training programmes (both in-person and online) aimed to aid the transition process:

In-Person Workshops:

  1. Change Management Training Course: Over 1,200 shore-based employees were equipped with knowledge on change management and communication practices.
  2. Vision, Mission, and Values Workshops: Immersive and interactive workshops allow participants to reflect on the co-creation process and deepen their understanding of our core values.
  3. Leadership Training Programme: Starting from October 2023, over 100 leaders will be equipped with practical and hands-on leadership tools to lead their teams through turbulent times.


  1. LinkedIn Learning as the new central learning library that has over 6,000 courses ranging from technical, business, software, and even creative topics.
  2. Mandatory E-Learning: OSM Thome Code of Conduct and IT Cybersecurity trainings were launched globally.

OSM Thome’s Skills to Build Skills: vision and what’s next for 2024

At OSM Thome, we prioritise both professional development and personal growth and define what are the skills and competencies needed in every role. 

Through our learning philosophy of a self-directed learning culture, we create opportunities and platforms where employees can take charge of their own growth and learning.

What’s next in 2024?

  • As part of also building our performance-driven culture, employees can stay tuned to more details to be released on career pathways and progression.
  • Innovation will be an essential skill cluster which every employee will have the opportunity to hone.
  • In line with global learning and development trends, continuous learning and organisational agility remains key focus area for OSM Thome. Learning as a function will continually adapt and support the organisation with the growing need to upskill and reskill in the times ahead.


Keeping The Holiday Cheer For Crew Onboard

By Dr. Christian Lubaton, Medical Director for Holistic Care, Nordic Medical Clinic

As the song goes, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” The holiday season is upon us! We see merry-making, spreading the joy of the season. For seafarers onboard, it can be challenging to miss out on this significant time back home. And to see on social media all the live updates from family and friends can trigger feelings of missing out and loneliness onboard. It’s important to keep our seafarers feel connected and included as we think of their welfare onboard and help them in some way to celebrate the holiday cheer.

Seafaring is a demanding profession that exposes crews to unique health risks and challenges due to the nature of the job and the environment they work in. It’s a common occurrence to experience extreme weather conditions, ultraviolet radiation, motion sickness, and fatigue. Common health concerns for crews at sea include musculoskeletal illnesses, minor injuries, and worsening of chronic preexisting medical conditions. Aside from these, one growing invisible threat to seafarers’ health and well-being that we ought to be more aware of is isolation and loneliness onboard. It can be disengaging for a crew member while onboard if there’s a gnawing feeling of disconnection. This experience can be heightened particularly while onboard during the holiday season. Being mindful of the crew onboard, there are many ways that this reality could be made more endurable and enjoyable. 

This is the season that engagement programs onboard should be more deliberately done. Seafarers are actually quite straightforward to know what they signed up for in this profession and appreciate simple joys while onboard to stay connected. Particular attention could focus on the interpersonal relationships with their fellow crew members. The buddy system works really well; working closely with a mate onboard reduces the feeling of being alone onboard. Eating together in the mess hall is a simple yet effective way to increase cohesion. Bonding activities like barbecues, music and karaoke, and group physical and mental fitness activities strengthen social connections. Leaders onboard could be more mindful of the different cultural celebrations and make allowances for the crew to observe their specific practices during the holidays. Longer rest periods are also valued by the crew.

It is also important that seafarers onboard feel that they belong to a bigger social group apart from their crew mates. Think of how seafarers can participate in company-wide initiatives during the holiday season – bridging the gap between ship and shore. Seafarers highly appreciate that they are thought of and included. Some of these seen in practice include holiday townhalls with company leaders, photo contests, vessel visits, and crew family parties. Many other creative approaches could be done to keep our seafarers connected. 

The holiday season is generally something people look forward to. Despite the challenge of crew being away from home, this could be a meaningful opportunity to reinforce social connections strengthening the well-being of our crews.



By Gautam Kashyap, Chief Marine Services Officer

In the dynamic realm of maritime asset management, Axia Maritime has rapidly established itself as a trusted global partner for ship operators worldwide, offering sustainable and top-quality marine procurement services. This marks the first service offering post-merger, designed to enhance the advantages for our customers. We are also actively engaging with third-party clients to increase our procurement volume, ultimately benefiting our customers even more.

The essence of “Axia”:

At the core of our identity lies the word “Axia,” a Greek term signifying capability, worthiness, and value. These attributes are not mere words but the very essence of what Axia Maritime aspires to embody within the maritime procurement sphere.

Client-Centric Procurement Excellence:

Axia Maritime places clients at the core of our operations. We take pride in our unique perspective, emphasizing a client-centric approach to procurement. Recognizing the specific needs of each ship operator, our strategy prioritizes contract management and centralized solutions, allowing us to customize services to meet individual requirements. Our primary objective is to consolidate supplies, foster strong relationships with trusted vendors, and drive down costs through increased volume.

Global Integration and Reach:

Axia Maritime has established a formidable global integrated procurement model and network right from the outset. This infrastructure competes with industry veterans, showcasing our unwavering dedication to sustainability and cost-effectiveness. Consequently, we have swiftly emerged as the preferred procurement partner for ship operators worldwide.

Trust and Transparency:

In an industry where trust and transparency are foundational, Axia Maritime sets new standards. We have swiftly become synonymous with unwavering integrity in marine procurement. Clients can rely on us for every interaction and transaction, confident that they will receive not only efficient service but also the highest standards of quality and sustainability.

Experience Excellence with Axia Maritime:

Axia Maritime optimizes procurement and supply chain processes, emphasises compliance and sustainability, offers comprehensive procurement reports with benchmarking and performance KPIs, and provides automation tools including forecasting. Join us to experience procurement excellence through digital solutions. Choose Axia Maritime as your partner, aligning seamlessly with your business goals and values, truly embodying its name in the maritime industry.

Visit www.axiamaritime.com for top-notch maritime solutions.


OSM THOME GOES FULL THROTTLE: Participating in the most prominent maritime industry events in Q3 and Q4 of 2023

By Eunice Anne Narvadez, Corporate Communications and Marketing Executive

Highlighting presence and proactiveness in making a positive impact on the maritime industry through imparting trailblazing ideas and building meaningful collaborations, OSM Thome wrapped up 2023 with engagements in various industry events across the globe.

Executive Vice Chairman Claes Eek Thorstensen, Chief Operating Officer Olav Nortun, and Managing Director for OSM Thome Asia Simona Toma were all present during the Singapore Shipping Association’s 27th Annual General Meeting and Cocktail Reception in Singapore last June 28.

OSM Thome customers and partners convened at the first-ever customer event entitled “OSM Thome Customer Event: Strengthening Partnerships for Growth” for an afternoon of collaboration, networking, and celebration of strong and enduring business partnerships on August 24 in Bergen, Norway.

OSM Thome was also present as a silver sponsor and exhibitor at the largest Swedish shipping event, Donsö Shipping Meet 2023, from August 28 to 30 in Sweden.

Concurrently, Chief Digital Officer Jamie Ramsamy flew to Tokyo, Japan to impart his knowledge during the Maritime Network last August 30.

An eventful September for OSM Thome was kicked off by Chief Operating Officer Olav Nortun’s participation at the International Shipowning and Shipmanagement Summit’s virtual webinar entitled “The 4 Pillars of Successful Ship Operation” on September 11.

OSM Thome was a silver sponsor of the two-day Offshore Support Journal Conference Asia in Singapore last September 12 and 13.

TradeWinds Shipowners Forum Athens 2023’s panel discussion titled “Is Diversity the Solution to Shipping’s Talent Shortage?” was participated in by Chief Executive Officer Finn Amund Norbye. Managing Director for Offshore, Bergen Morten Sejrup and Vestland Offshore AS CEO Tore Kopland also attended the event.

Head of Business Development for Crew Management, Peter Burkal joined a panel debate entitled “Decarbonisation: Do you understand the change in risk and the human element?” at the IUMI 2023 Conference in Edinburgh, Scotland last September 20.

Meanwhile, Business Development Manager Jan Dirk Davidse attended as a delegate at the 3rd Marine and Offshore Congress 2023 in Singapore on September 20.

On September 22, selected business partners were invited as OSM Thome’s guests at the Singapore Shipping Association’s 38th Anniversary Gala Dinner in Singapore.

Vice President for Commercial and Business Development Somenath Moitra attended this year’s Marine Money Week Asia on September 26 to 27, while OSM Thome Chief Commercial Officer and President and Intertanko’s Chairman of the European Panel Tommy Olofsen and Claims Handler Alessandro Napoletano flocked to Rome to join the Intertanko European Panel assembly from September 27 to 28.

Additionally, OSM Thome attended the NBAS Annual Norwegian Seafood Dinner on September 29 in Singapore.

Nordic Medical Clinic (NMC) Medical Director for Holistic Care Dr. Christian Lubaton offered a presentation on mental welfare onboard during the Intertanko Seafarers Vetting Seminar held on October 2 in Manila.

OSM Thome was a proud sponsor of the Maritime Cyprus 2023 Conference held in Limassol from October 8 to 11. Chief Crew Management Officer and Cyprus Managing Director Julia Anastasiou, Group Finance Director Vassilis Malikides, Head of Business Development Infrastructure and Marketing Xanthos Neofytou, Business Development Infrastructure and Tendering Manager Andreas Diplaros, and Senior Legal Counsel Georgia Demetriou joined the event.

Chief Executive Officer Finn Amund Norbye actively engaged in insightful discussions that revolved around the future of ship management during the Maritime CEO Forum Monaco 2023 on October 12.

The second leg of the OSM Thome Customer Event was brought to Singapore, successfully convening more than 100 customers and business partners last October 28.

Managing Director for OSM Thome Philippines Mailyn Borillo graced the Nordic Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines’ “Leadership Lessons from the Nordics: Stories of Accomplished Filipinos” panel discussion with her participation during the Work the Nordic Way event in Manila on October 18.

Moreover, NMC Director for Holistic Care Dr. Christian Lubaton presented NMC’s study entitled “Health risk classification patterns among Filipino seafarers” – an analysis from a pre-employment clinic in the Philippines: a 5-year review” at the 2nd SAFETY4SEA Manila Forum last October 24 in Manila.

The International Tanker Shipping and Trade Conference, Awards and Exhibition 2023 was attended by Business Development Infrastructure and Tendering Manager Andreas Diplaros last November 7 and 8 in Athens, Greece.

The 2023 China Ship Finance Forum was also attended by the Managing Director for China Bin Zhou on November 7.

OSM Thome was a major sponsor of this year’s premier industry gathering, the Seatrade Maritime CrewConnect Global, which took place from November 21 to 23 in Manila.

Chief Commercial Officer and President and CrewConnect Global Chairman Tommy Olofsen spearheaded the fair with his participation in several panel discussions as moderator. On the last day of the event, NMC Medical Director for Holistic Care Dr. Christian Lubaton presented once again NMC’s study entitled “Health risk classification patterns among Filipino seafarers – an analysis from a pre-employment clinic in the Philippines: a 5-year review”. OSM Thome’s brands OSERV Catering, Aegir Global Travel, and NMC put up their booths at the exhibition to meet with potential customers and business partners.

Ultimately, the last leg of the OSM Thome Customer Event was held in Manila on November 21. Selected customers and industry friends were treated to a delightful array of cocktails and contemporary Filipino cuisine meticulously crafted by the talented chefs of the OSM Thome Catering Academy and OSERV Team.


MANAGEMENT TAKEOVERS IN Q4: Expanding Our Fleet and Expertise

By Lee Cheok Wing, Corporate Projects Manager

In the fourth quarter of this year, we are proud to announce the successful assumption of management responsibilities for several vessels, representing substantial additions to our expanding fleet. These takeovers underscore our unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional maritime services, encompassing a diverse range of ship types.

This strategic expansion reinforces our position as a trusted partner in the maritime sector, showcasing our ability to efficiently manage and operate various vessels. We remain dedicated to exceeding client expectations and setting new industry benchmarks as we continue to grow and innovate in the maritime industry. Thank you for your trust and support on this exciting journey of expansion and excellence!


CULINARY DELIGHTS: Special Holiday Recipes from Our Ships’ Galley Team

By Mary Grace Amores Odero, Catering Academy Manager, OSERV Catering

The Christmas meal is one of the annual highlights everybody looks forward to onboard. This is also one of the most challenging yet fulfilling tasks for the catering team. Due to multicultural crew compositions, it is very important that the holiday menu offerings cover everyone’s traditions and food cravings.

A typical Christmas spread starts with various appetisers such as crustaceans and seafood, cold cuts, salads, sushi, and assorted canapés. The main course features various meat carvings such as roast beef, reindeer, turkey and suckling pigs with Continental and Asian side dishes with homey, hearty vegetable dishes and legumes. 

Always a highlight of the Christmas buffet is the gingerbread house. The crew’s sweet tooth will also be satisfied with stunning Christmas desserts, such as sugar-dusted snowball cookies, chewy bars, frosting-topped cupcakes, frozen and warm chocolate desserts and chocolate and more chocolate. 

To complete a Christmas buffet set-up, the catering team’s artistic skills are put on show with fruit and ice carvings and a selection of mouth-watering holiday breads and cakes.


SAILING THROUGH THE SEASON: OSM Thome Fleet Celebrating Holidays Onboard

By Mark De Jesus, Senior Digital Marketing Executive

As the festive season approaches, people worldwide gather with family and friends to celebrate the holidays. However, for our seafarers navigating the vast oceans, their workplace becomes a unique setting for embracing the season’s spirit. While being away from home during the holidays can be challenging, the camaraderie and shared experiences onboard create a unique atmosphere that turns the ship into a floating celebration of joy, gratitude, and togetherness.

Aside from the decorations, our seafarers gather to enjoy a feast with a mix of international cuisines from different regions, and everyone gets to savor the flavors of various cultures, fostering a sense of unity through the universal language of food.

In the age of technology, seafarers can connect with their families despite the physical distance. Video calls and emails become a lifeline, allowing seafarers to share the holiday festivities with their loved ones back home. These moments of connection provide emotional support and reinforce the importance of family ties, even when separated by the sea.

As seafarers navigate the vast waters during the festive season, they carry with them the warmth of shared moments and the knowledge that the spirit of celebration can thrive no matter where they are.


First Holiday Celebration of OSM Thome Global Employees

By Mark De Jesus, Senior Digital Marketing Executive

As the much-anticipated season approaches, the excitement is evident. What adds an extra layer of joy is the realization that this marks the first holiday season where both Legacy OSM and Legacy Thome employees come together to celebrate as one unified family. Sharing the spirit of togetherness and festivities is set to make this holiday season truly special and memorable for all.

In the spirit of generosity, OSM Thome employees embraced the season of giving, joining together in heartfelt celebrations with both longstanding colleagues and newfound friends. Through shared laughter, camaraderie, and festive cheer, they crafted precious memories that added an extra layer of joy to the closing moments of 2023. As we come together to bid farewell to this year, the collective warmth and goodwill generated during these celebrations serve as a testament to the strong bonds and sense of community within the OSM Thome family.

We hope that this festive celebration serves as a platform to rejuvenate the spirits of one and all, ushering in the New Year with a sense of renewed hope and positivity. May the joy and camaraderie shared during this special occasion resonate throughout the coming year, bringing forth moments of happiness, success, and fulfilment for everyone.

Let us relish the festive moments captured among OSM Thome employees across global offices, including Australia, Brazil, Croatia, Cyprus, the Philippines, Singapore, and Norway.


The OSM-AD Foundation’s Genuine ‘Gift’ to Communities

By Noah Ordoño, Foundation Manager, OSM-AD Foundation

Have you ever thought of the best gift we could offer to the community?

The #OSMThomeCares mantra sets our initiatives in a genuine direction that gives community members the ‘gift’ that lasts longer: empowerment.

The OSM-AD Foundation facilitates projects and programs in the most far-flung communities. 

We are empowering schools in islands and far-flung mountain villages to further improve educational facilities by installing solar-powered audio-visual equipment in classrooms called “Centers for Learning”.

We also saw more than 2,000 children receiving school bags and school supplies through the collective efforts of the OSM Thome Volunteers and through our corporate partners EKTANK, Del Rosario Law, and a generous group of some OSM Thome seafarers called HOST.

On top of that, we are currently supporting 32 OSM Thome Scholars in college. Through our scholarship program, we are developing future catalysts for change. This program is also supported by Hurtigruten.

Meanwhile, our friends from HOST continue supporting orphanages, schools, and charity institutions in India and some countries in Asia and Europe.

Also, the volunteer medical professionals from Nordic Medical Clinic systematically work on their CSR initiatives by supporting malnourished children in Manila through a holistic 6-month feeding program with monthly health education lessons for the parents.

Just recently, OSM Thome Scholar Dickenson Mondano graduated from the university. He is a native of Southern Leyte Province and is now working as an ICT professional in Manila. “Seeing myself as a computer engineer now is a result of OSM-AD Foundation’s support. OSM Thome helped me to grow to become the best version of myself,” he said. Dickenson is among the first 11 graduates of the Scholarship Program. This inspires younger scholars like education student Rena Villarante from Almagro Island to dream big. “I am so thankful that OSM Thome came into our lives,” Rena quipped during the Foundation volunteers’ visit to her home province. “Soon when I become a teacher, I will do my best to serve my community,” Rena added. 

If you wish to make an impact on the communities, feel free to reach out to OSM-AD Foundation. Together, we can empower communities.