1st edition of OSM Thome News


Message From Finn Amund Norbye

Dear Colleagues,

The integration process has been thoroughly planned and now the hard work is underway to prepare us all for a future of growth and development. 

Managing a total of 1000 vessels with 32,000 employees, we will become an even better partner to our customers. With our emphasis on safe and efficient operations as well as innovation, our ambition is to make the combined company even more relevant and attractive to customers, employees, and seafarers.

We appreciate the trust shown to us by our customers and we will do our utmost to maintain that trust through our around-the-clock operations on the seven seas. We know our customers’ needs and our skilled and dedicated colleagues, both on land and at sea, are crucial for us to be able to provide the best solutions. We have the skills and the ability to continue growing by offering competitive solutions and taking good care of our existing as well as new customers. We will remain a leader in safe and efficient management as well as crucial areas such as digitalisation, cyber security, and green shipping.

In this issue, we introduce the new OSM Thome executive management team responsible for driving our business forward. We will also update you on how our new branding was developed and highlight our new website.

Reading this edition, you can find out about the latest news from our offices around the world including the celebrations which took place on Day 1 of OSM Thome’s existence. Interviews and contributions from our seafarers will also be included with their views on what they are looking forward to working for a stronger and even more dynamic company.  We are also excited to showcase our new Vision, Mission, and Values in this issue. Kjell Ove Breivik has guided us through the Culture journey, highlighting how this significant milestone was achieved through the active participation of all our employees, both office staff and seafarers!

I hope you will enjoy reading this inaugural issue as much as I have and I look forward to working with you in the future.


ALL ABOARD: OSM Thome Day 1 celebrations across global offices

By the OSM Thome Editorial Team

Festivities filled OSM Thome’s offices across the globe as the company officially announced its successful merger on May 22, after getting the final approval from international regulators.

This momentous day was simultaneously celebrated in over 12 OSM Thome global offices with OSM Thome CEO Finn Amund Norbye’s special address to all employees and the unveiling of the new OSM Thome logo, as the main highlights of the occasion.

Employees gathered in their respective offices to mark the first day of the merger over good food and appropriate celebrations.

The triumphant merging of two maritime industry pillars – OSM and Thome – makes the combined entity one of the largest ship management companies in the world and has paved the way for the emergence of a maritime industry powerhouse.


Preliminary global townhalls, office visits conducted In preparation for OSM Thome’s Day 1

By the OSM Thome Editorial Team

OSM Maritime and Thome Group announced their merger agreement and integration plans to create a ship management powerhouse with their first global hybrid townhall for all employees on January 19.

Key executives of both companies spearheaded the townhall and presented the background of the merger, plans, and next steps as well as addressing questions from the audience.

Simultaneously, with the filing of documents for the competition authorities and approval of the merger, several townhalls and global office visits both in Europe and Asia were made by the executive management team and workstream members for over 18 weeks after the merger announcement.

These measures were put in place to gain a good understanding of each company’s culture and operations, meet and build connections with people, showcase the progress of the merger through weekly updates, and ultimately develop robust integration plans and teams.

OSM Thome Chairman Bjørn Tore Larsen and Executive Vice Chairman Claes Eek Thorstensen took the time to visit both Thome and OSM’s Singapore and Philippines offices to meet employees.

OSM Thome CEO Finn Amund Norbye and COO Olav Nortun travelled to Europe to visit offices in Arendal and Bergen, Norway, as well as in Copenhagen, Denmark, and Croatia. Both also made their way around Singapore and Manila offices to visit and engage with employees.

OSM Thome Executive Vice Chairman Claes Eek Thorstensen and Managing Director for Offshore Tom Hamer were also able to visit and interact with employees in the Nigerian office.

Aside from visits to global offices, the management made sure that merger developments and integration plans were well communicated to all employees through several regular global townhalls along with email communications and an internal site that serves as a repository for all the updates disseminated to them.

Employees were then given the freedom to voice any queries or concerns regarding the merger during the question-and-answer sections of the townhalls and through Q&A forms and pulse surveys.

On May 22, OSM Thome’s successful merger was announced to the public and was celebrated across all global offices.

Global townhalls are still conducted regularly to keep employees abreast of the latest developments of the new maritime industry powerhouse even after its successful merger.



By the OSM Thome Editorial Team

Both OSM Maritime and Thome are deeply rooted in the Norwegian shipping tradition and expertise, and they combine this with the modern drive of the Asian business enterprise.

Many of the world’s leading shipping companies are customers of OSM and Thome and the mixed fleet consists of different segments such as tanker, bulker, container, car carriers, cruise ships, offshore vessels, and others.

New branding has been created to reflect these two powerhouses coming together. A two-coloured arrowhead icon has been designed with the two sides meeting at a vertex to reflect the merger of these two industry pillars which share the same heritage and vision of the future.

The use of the blue and red colours symbolizes two equal partners joining forces to create an even stronger powerhouse in ship management with a clear strategy of promoting a sustainable future in maritime. It echoes the origins of the two companies, derived from the colours of Norway’s national flag. The arrow points upwards to symbolize the forward-looking nature of OSM Thome and that the company is always at the cutting edge of the latest technology. The rounded bend in the middle of the arrow symbolizes harmony and blending.

The typeface chosen for the company name is strong, very modern, and sleek to illustrate the ability of OSM Thome to change and adapt to the prevailing market conditions.

The new branding is a physical representation of our commitment to providing the highest standards of safety, quality, and reliability to our clients, focusing on ESG and compliance.

We will leverage the technological advancements and support green initiatives to optimize operations and realise efficiencies in our customers’ fleets. We believe that our combined efforts will enable us to achieve this goal even more effectively. Together, we will build a greater team and a stronger organisation. United as one company, OSM Thome.


OSM Thome Organizational Chart Executive Team

By the OSM Thome Editorial Team

Here at OSM Thome, we are serious about surrounding ourselves with bright, experienced people who can help us grow our business. We seek to build and maintain our management team with a wide range of experiences and competencies. We look for people who are passionate about the industry and our current strategies and can help us adapt them to our ever-growing markets.

Our team includes technology innovators, certified professionals, and industry luminaries all focused on serving the needs of our clients and customers.


Our Culture Journey

By Kjell Ove Breivik, Chief Culture Officer

It was indeed with great excitement that we can finally embark on our cultural journey and begin to merge our two great companies.

As the company’s Chief Culture Officer, it has been one of my main tasks to quickly establish a way of bringing our working cultures together. We should make no mistake here – there is no quick fix, no single event, and no magic pill one can take to establish and merge company cultures. It requires hard work, dedication, and stamina, just like running a long distance race! We, therefore, created a roadmap called the “Four Pillars of our Culture Journey”. This roadmap requires input and engagement from every one of us, onboard and ashore.

We started this journey by actively talking about change as a process. We should all embrace and accept that change is coming, but also accept that not everyone loves change. The first pillar of our culture journey has been to provide change management training to as many employees as possible in the organisation. Around 270 of our leaders and around 800 of our employees have now learned about emotional rollercoasters, Kotter’s 8 Steps of Change Management, communication practices, context setting, and psychological contracts.

In parallel with the change management awareness programs, we rolled out a really cool co-creation process of our Vision and Mission statements. This co-creation process has been our second pillar of the culture journey. At the same time as management developed our values, we engaged all 31,000 employees via various surveys to ask for their input in creating our new Vision and Mission statements together. The result we got was fantastic, and we are now very proud to have a set of Vision, Mission, and Values statements that we wholeheartedly believe will represent a common ground for where we want to go as a company and what desired behaviours we expect from our employees. We know that introducing our new Vision, Mission, and Values is only the beginning. The hard work of making these elements an integral part of everyday life starts now, but we are confident that if we embark on this journey together, we will reach our destination!

As we progress into the second half of 2023, there are two remaining pillars of our culture journey. We have to measure the present state of the company culture before we initiate new actions. Our third culture pillar is to do a GAP analysis of the culture all of us feel we have today, versus the culture that we would ideally like to see. The results from this survey will lead into our fourth and last culture pillar of 2023, namely our new leadership training program, which will be launched during the fourth quarter. We are passionate about people and we love to lead. We must therefore ensure we equip our leaders onboard and ashore with the same tools, language and understanding of leadership.

Curious? Stay tuned – culture is cool!


OSM MARITIME AND THOME GROUP’S MERGER: A Customer-Centric Approach Driving Tangible Benefits

By Tommy Olofsen, Chief Commercial Officer and President

The widely approved merger of OSM and Thome is set to create a powerhouse in the ship management sector, offering exceptional advantages to all our valued clients.

In the face of shipping industry challenges like decarbonisation, sustainability, and digitalisation, our objective is to form a more competitive and compelling organisation that delivers tangible benefits, meeting the evolving demands of the maritime industry.

The decision to merge was fueled by the importance of scale. By combining our expertise and knowledge, we can adeptly navigate the complexities of today’s reality. Moreover, our shared business ethics and culture make this merger a logical and sensible step, ensuring a unified and customer-centric approach.

At OSM Thome, we are committed to providing unparalleled service, exceptional operational standards, and unwavering dedication to excellence. Our aim is to establish ourselves as a trusted leader, setting new industry benchmarks, and consistently surpassing expectations in an ever-changing business landscape.

With this merger, OSM Thome instantly strengthens its position in the marketplace. With access to a crew pool of 29,000 seafarers and 2,000 onshore staff in 22 countries, we are confident in having the industry’s top talents. We provide ship management for nearly 450 vessels and crew management for around 550 additional ships, covering key segments in the tank, bulk, container, offshore/renewables, oil and gas, crew, and ferries markets. Our expertise allows us to offer a suite of complimentary services of the highest level, driving efficiencies and adding value to our ship owners and operators.

Moreover, we are deeply committed to conducting business sustainably and responsibly, aligning
with the global focus on ESG initiatives and fully supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Our suite of sustainability programs encourages more eco-conscious practices throughout our fleet and worldwide offices.

We uphold robust governance practices through strict policies and procedures, ensuring resilience and compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Our strong Code of Conduct underpins our business practices, guiding the behavior of our dedicated employees.
With the merger formally approved, we are actively implementing integration plans to better serve our clients, making sure that we provide even greater value and support. United as one, OSM Thome is excited to deliver customer-centric solutions, elevating ship management excellence and consistently exceeding expectations.


INTEGRATION UPDATE: Navigating the Path Forward

By Stig Morten Helland, Integration Director

Since the announcement of our merger plans in January, we’ve been hard at work to ensure a smooth transition and a successful merging of our operations. It has been three months since the closing of the merger with the competition filing process completed in mid-May.

Since closing, we have dedicated our efforts to dive deeper into the details of our combined structures, contracts, and financial performance. This diligence has allowed us to verify and validate the assumptions we laid out during the initial planning phase since the announcement of our merger plans back in January of this year.

The way we have structured ourselves in OSM Thome, focusing on the integration is through established workstreams, each focusing on a crucial aspect of our operations.

* Technical Management
* Crew Management
* Marine Services
* Shared Services
* HR and IT

The workstreams have all developed their new operating models and detailed plans for how to realize these by the end of the integration project. To effectively oversee and coordinate the work done in the workstreams, an Integration Management Office has been established. The Office maintains regular and productive interactions with the individual workstreams, providing a clear channel of communication and progress reporting. The Integration Management Office reports to the Integration Steering Committee, ensuring alignment with our integration objectives.

As we conclude the short-term phase by the end of August, the workstreams will present their consolidated plans. This marks the transition into the execution phase of the integration project. Over the medium to long term, we will be dedicated to carrying out the plans, with the aim of completing all integration activities by the end of Q2 2024.

Referring to the recent townhall hosted by OSM Thome CEO Finn Amund Norbye, we are committed to keeping you informed and engaged in this journey. We aim to share with the organization our detailed execution plans and the path ahead in the coming weeks. Your involvement and feedback are invaluable as we work together to realize the full potential of our merged entities.

Thank you for your continued dedication and support which is driving us closer to our integration goals.


SAILING FORWARD AS ONE: The Exciting Future for Seafarers with the New OSM Thome

By OSM Thome Editorial Team

Beginnings, in its true sense, can be unsettling. To spark something as huge as two maritime industry pillars coming together to form a maritime powerhouse and create new currents at sea, entails braving a fresh start and embarking on new voyages – a naturally unsettling move, too, to say the least.

Circumstances are rather different for OSM Thome and its people. We have merged to enable us to lead the pack, reach greater heights, and sail together as one team as we believe in the talents and dedication of our people, both onshore and at sea.

OSM Thome sea staff have candidly expressed their thoughts on the recent success of the OSM Thome merger. Here’s what they have to say:

Capt. Toderas Marcel | Master

“The merging of the two companies is an exciting time as it presents a unique opportunity for growth and innovation. It is a great chance to witness the birth of the world’s leading ship management company. I am excited about the establishment of OSM Thome and the potential it holds for customers as well as for us, the seafarers. With the joining of resources, expertise, and talent, there are endless possibilities for what can be achieved. I believe this will create a stronger, more diverse, and dynamic work environment onboard. Overall, I have high hopes for the future of OSM Thome and what it can offer as a partner of choice for the leading ship owners and seafarers of the world.”

Capt. Horbatowski Marcin | Master

“OSM Thome will be a bigger company with more opportunity for seafarers. A bigger company means more people, more ideas, and more innovation. I believe that OSM Thome can build up a simplified management structure with very effective with good connections between the ship and office.”

C/O Thaddea Pearl Hangad | Chief Officer

“I really feel that this is an exciting time for OSM, knowing that it is going to merge with another giant in the industry, Thome. I am looking forward to how it is going to transform into a much stronger and bigger company with more people, more vessels, and more room for career growth and of course more meaningful opportunities to a lot of seafarers across the world.”

2/O Janine Elican | 2nd Officer

“With the new OSM Thome, I am looking forward to the best in all aspects. As a seafarer myself, I am hoping to be in a company that embraces all aspects of sustainability. I am hoping that the new OSM Thome will give us their full support, especially in ensuring long term career progression, securing our position in shipping’s future, as well ensuring the seafarers’ optimal mental and physical health.”

D/C Jericho Mifania | Deck Cadet

“As a cadet with high hopes, I am looking forward to how OSM Thome’s homogenisation will bridge us into a more diverse and dynamic shipping company. We hope to be trained in terms of our skills and knowledge for us to discover our fullest potentials in becoming more reliable and competent future chief engineers and captains someday.”

C/E Cesar Carpizo Jr. | Chief Engineer

“I know this merger means the emergence of a stable company and will give us security in our

C/O Ted Byron Gementiza | Chief Officer

“The OSM Thome merger gave me a strong feeling of excitement. The union of these two big companies
will open doors of opportunities for seafarers like me. More ships mean more jobs and career
advancement and employment stability.”

3/O Mark Laurel Decano | Third Officer

“I look forward to the standardisation. They may be able to standardise policies and procedures across
the organization which can help ensure consistent implementations in compliance. Standardising
policies and procedures and streamlining operation can also improve efficiency and reduce the risk of
any incidents or accidents onboard.”

C/O Ricardo Velano Denila | Chief Officer

“I look forward to working with OSM Thome. With this merger, there will be more job opportunities for
us. With collective experiences on day-to-day onboard operation, we will be more efficient and
effective, and more initiatives will surely evolve for crew welfare.”

A/B Allan Roy Benamir | Able Seaman

“With the merging of the two companies, I expect greater developments, not only for the organisation
but also for their employees. I hope to see more opportunities for us and a stronger organisation in the
days to come.”

Capt. Tharaka D. Hettiarachchi | Master

“look forward to gaining new insights and techniques on sustainable growth. I also expect to further
practice my expertise in the new OSM Thome.”

Capt. Leo Martin Espinosa | Master

“I look forward to more career opportunities, not just for me, but for every seafarer employed by both
companies. I think this merger would benefit the industry since both OSM and Thome have reputations
of providing high-quality services to customers and seafarers.”